This web site is only U.S.A. coverage. Both (Fed/Calif): I do have lots of commentary on Canadian (real) Sidekicks (Trackers or Sunrunners)
Non USA cars, have unique braking, lighting and wiring, EFI systems, an spark generation, even different wire harness colors. & stinking CARB’,S ! up to 2006.
In the USA, we have 2 engines (3 counting the SPORT) up to 1998, but other countries, lots more. (called Type codes, by Suzuki)
This site does not cover, body repair, collision repairs , painting, or suspension fixes or mods, body lifts, etc.
This site is for most NO GO issues .  The car will not run right or shift correctly? (and all wheel bearings, and 4wd issues)

If unsure, or tool free and safety equipment free, Let a professional work on you car!
The Suzuki service manuals, are all chock full of safety warnings. Please Read them, As are All books written on auto-repair, do not work on cars , until you read at least 1 book on topic, x100 on Brakes.

Happy Trails to you all.

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Best place for asking questions is FixKick forum.