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What is EFI?

Books and manuals. (free or otherwise)

The engine and EFI parts Identifier page

How to find all relays in the car.  Actuators   or  Sensors.

How to identify this car, Many body tags USA and others, so you can buy the correct parts.

IDIOT lamps glowing ? or acting ODD , in the dash cluster?  Check Engine CEL/MIL/SES , Over-drive. , Brakes, Charge, or Oil pressure low, (or the bloody NAG lamp?)

The  hard to BUY parts page.  (for any reason, and for sure, due to Suzuki Chapter 11 status here, in USA and Canada)

This web site is only U.S.A. coverage.    Both (Fed/Calif):  I do have lots of commentary on Canadian (real) Sidekicks (Trackers or Sunrunners)
Non USA cars, have
unique braking, lighting and wiring, EFI systems, an spark generation, even different wire harness colors.  &  stinking CARB',S ! up to 2006.
In the USA, we have  2 engines (3 counting the SPORT) up to 1998, but other countries, lots more. (called Type codes, by Suzuki)

Please read , general Safety First ! (includes, fuel safety and how to depressurise fuel lines  and AIR BAG dangers)
Do not drive with bad brakes or leaking fuel. Please.

All ENGINE problems,  you name it, it's here. (Fuel injection, Spark )             +      A list of Interference engines.                   What is Interference?

The DRIVE-TRAIN issues. (not engine) all, including tranny (3,4,5speed)  axles , transfer case and 4x4 issues.

All  Scheduled Maintenance , all tuneup data and methods !  Belts, fluids,  etc. (with operators guide listings)

Brakes  and brake  inspections.  (< read at your own risk)  ! "Have the brakes inspected by a professional, before driving the car"!  

All  Electrical problems and issues. (Fuse maps too)

Wipers and Windshield washer problems.

HVAC   Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (A/C)  and all drive belts.

SWAPS  (Engine, tranny, etc) (mostly links to great sources)

Some affordable TOOLS   (no tools? no joy ?)

Read the  FAQ page !

The  Never do page.    
How to get 30 MPG ! (or near,  28 is typical with E10 fuel at a steady 60 MPH flat cruise)         

I hear Noises!   (what is it, and what should I do to find it ?)

Miscellaneous  information.


Bolt/Nut fastener, Torque specifications 1.6L tables 

How to the pull engine, head , pan , clutch,  tranny, transfer case,  front axle,  rear axle and bearings, etc.  ::: MY PULL PAGE.

Speedometer / Odometer , I/P cluster  instrument panel  cluster,  repairs and identifications facts. Speedo cable,  VSS,  etc.

See lots of Youtube videos, for repairs 

Belts ?

SMOG issues, & systems?

My Hacking page ! (see a MPG gauge)

(new)  The newer Suzuki's,  have what I call  Keep Alive, and is for Suzuki IMMOblizer, Radio lost its code? or Navigation system lost its code?

On only newer cars, and never after market car equipment can this happen. (or taking one off a new car and adding it to your old car, sure)
My OE Radio or NAV system  just bricked. "asks for a secret code" (only on very new cars, I put this here, due to the vast numbers of questions, on all forums)

Newer cars, also have many learn modes, that must relearn things, after a battery pull.  (or dead).  Transmission learns your car and how you drive,  Throttle body learn and idle speed calibrate and learn. Steering learn.

New pages... Here? idle speeds wonky?

Buzz words?  or  Jargon?:  car part  name Jargon  
     No  ISO names used.   

This is a button , please push it.

If unsure, or tool free and safety equipment free, Let a professional work on you car!    See the never do list.
The Suzuki service manuals, are all chock full of safety warnings. Please Read them, As are All books written on auto-repair, do not work on cars , until you read at least 1 book on topic,   x100 on Brakes.
Help (search)?
My  search box can even search 1 letter,  so you can search any sensor name, like ECT, or MAF or TB.  (unlike others...) not only that, but this search uses Fuzzy logic !
The search box has an index and advance search and a site map, all these work and are useful.
Search ideas?: Misfire, no start, no crank, flooding , fast idle, timing, wheel bearings, hubs, CEL, check engine light  ECU,  diagnostic jumper.
This is a true open search, there are really no rules, just use it.
Free find sometimes , shows  tiny fast advertisements.  (free version, this is)

This site is machine code free /virus free. (no exe, com, bat, scr files, here)
The only minor Java script , is for playing videos , the search box, and my Copyright banners.  There are no tracking codes.
Lots of white pages, for easy printing.

This site does not cover, body repair, collision repairs , painting, or suspension fixes or mods, body lifts, etc.
This site is for most  NO GO issues .  The car will not run right or shift correctly?  (and all wheel bearings, and 4wd issues)
Happy Trails to you all.
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