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My Hacking page ! (see new MPG gauge)

Got any of the 5+ IDIOT lamps glowing or acting ODD , in the dash cluster?  Check Engine, Over-drive. , Brakes, Charge, or Oil pressure low?, etc?

My hard to BUY parts page. 
(hard? , Suzuki is not in my STATE or town?, or fails to have my needed parts, or NAPA (put your brick store here) fails to have my parts or why is this part $1000)

This web site is only U.S.A. coverage.   Those Market codes are 03 and 33 (Fed/Calif):  I do have lots of commentary on Canadian (real) Sidekicks, market code 28.
Non USA cars,have unique braking, lighting and wiring, even different wire colors.  & CARB',S !, (not to mention vastly different Spark and fueling systems or EFI ! not trivial at all.)

Please read , general Safety First ! (includes, fuel safety and how to depressurise fuel lines  and AIR BAG danger)
Do not drive with bad brakes or leaking fuel. Please.

The engine Identifier page (and attachments/sensors,hoses, vacuum parts, etc)

All ENGINE problems,  you name it, it's here. (Fuel injection, Spark )                   A list of Interference engines.

The DRIVE-TRAIN issues. (not engine) all, including tranny (3,4,5speed)  axles , transfer case and 4x4 issues.

All  Scheduled Maintenance , tuneup's ! and service point  procedures and lists. (methods, ways, means, tools , etc)

Brakes  and brake  inspections.  (< read at your own risk)  ! "Have the brakes inspected by a professional before driving the car"!  

All  Electrical problems and issues, and even some minor modifications.

Wipers and Windshield washer problems.

HVAC   Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning and all drive belts.

SWAPS  (motor, tranny, etc) (mostly links to great sources)

TOOLS   (no tools? no joy !)

Read my FAQ !

The  Never do page.    
How to get 30 MPG ! (or near,  28 is typical with E10 fuel at a steady 60MPH cruise)           If you are highly motivated, my free OBD2 MPG gauge,  $50 parts and free software from me.

I hear Noises.   (what is it, and what should I do to find it ?)

Books and manuals. (free or other wise)         A FREE Full 1996 Tracker  factory service manual FSM ! on line.

Miscellaneous  information.


How to identify car, body/engine year, and engine and tranny serial numbers  using  VIN  and GEO/GM RPO codes.  VIN TAGS !

How to ID your engine. (Identify)

Bolt/Nut fastener, Torque specifications 1.6L tables  (Do not let GM confuse you, with their 89 Inch pounds marked inanely as foot pounds!!!  warning !

How to the pull engine, head , pan , clutch,  tranny, transfer case,  front axle,  rear axle and bearings, etc.  ::: MY PULL PAGE.

Speedometer / Odometer , I/P cluster problems (with real Suzuki Partnumbers, too).  I/P = instrument cluster ( simple but complex ! ouch)

See lots of Youtube videos, for repairs 

My radio or NAV just bricked.

I call the 16 valve engine a B engine, due to Suzuki's penchant of using one VIN engine code, for both  the 1.6L  USA engines (amazing!).  VIN digit 8th  engine CODE #0 ,   (the all time #1 reason, to get the wrong parts in the USA!)
In many countries, the A/B mark is shown in the body tag engine serial code, this fact ,  I steal that idea and apply it here.  Suzuki  is A= 8v , and B = 16v,   short , sweet and simple, no?
GM uses KV and KC codes , C for Canvas top 2door 8v and V for VAN 4doors and 16valves. (obscure this is but some stores love for what ever reason, I don't know)  (but say in Europe this would be goofy,  as they have 16v 2 door Vitara's)
If your country,  uses their own engine codes (many do),  then buy their books, and please  use your body tag data, to buy parts.  

The 16v G16B motor was introduced by Suzuki in the USA in 1992,  For the Geo Tracker, that was the same year, for this 16 valve head, as an option.
The 16v is a tighter smog engine, (has dry runners) that is, it runs cleaner with MPI injection. and 15 more HP with 16 valves sucking air. (The Cailf.  Air Reseach board  banned the 8v in 94')
The TBI engine runs a wet intake, manifold and runs poorly under some conditions.   (MPI was the cure, and much later direct injection) The MPI has vastly better cylinder by cylinder AFR mixes, and are equal.

On ALL  GM/GEO Trackers, the VIN code clearly shows what engine you have, as does the RPO tag in the glove box.   GEO  VIN code U is 8v , VIN 6 is 16v. (GM VIN's only)

The G16B went into California Trackers in 1994 (smog rules), then all 4WD Trackers  in '95 got the G16B, and all models are G16B, 1996-1998+ (USA) or  1.8L Sports
 (These  facts above (introduction dates), don't apply in Canada or other countries, GM Trackers, etc , Wiki that?, good luck! )
The Sidekick is sold all over the world and under different names.  Tracker, Sun Runner under the
Asüna /Pontiac brand, in Canada.  and VITARA ! , the  ESCUDO  or even the Santana 300 and 350 in Spain.
Some are still made, in Ecuador by GM.
Keep in mind that in Canada , they bought 3 cars up there.., 4, counting the  graymarket) USA Fed, USA CAL and Canada E28. (yes, read all body tags on the car) (gray market means , a car not for the N.America market or not for Canada laws)
None of this history is too important,  for G16 motor, open hood, count injectors,  1 injector TBI 8v,  4 injectors, 16v MPI. done deal.  or look here.

What is important in the USA , buying engine parts, using a Suzuki  1.6L VIN  does not show what engine you have , only that it is 1.6 or 1.8 or 2.0L, etc there are no 16valve EFI codes.  (so buying a TPS will be tricky)

Warning ,  if buying parts for a 1996 to 1998 Suzuki' Sidekick 4x4,  do not be surprised, when your seller is totally unaware there are 2 bodies,  the 1.6 liter narrow body, and the 1.8L Vin code 2 for engine, wide body (SPORT) and guess what?  most parts don't fit/mix between them.
When buying parts for any car , the market code is a top fact to know.  E03 is USA Fed. E33 is California , and E28 Is Canada.  The car parts very greatly by country (market).  In the USA the market is stated in the under hood vacuum sticker, other countries it's in the body tag.
The GM
tag answers this question for GM.

Buzz words?  or  Jargon?:  car part  name Jargon  
     No  ISO names used.   

This is a button , please push it.

If unsure, or tool free and safety equipment free, Let a professional work on you car!    See the never do list.
The Suzuki service manuals, are all chock full of safety warnings. Please Read them, As are All books written on auto-repair, do not work on cars , until you read at least 1 book on topic,   x100 on Brakes.
See the new BBS forum, at top of  this page.  Register , log in and post a problem, glad to help you. Free help, to any one, no matter, what ! 
 Happy Trails to you all.

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