Maintenance Procedures Common:                   

For those that lost the operator guide in the glove box, and the factory service point schedules , here it is  , again, no longer lost.

The 95 Full  op guide  manual.

The 2 pages "service matrix" only , of said manual are here ,    schedule A          and B:  

The list today is called "Service points" and falls on many deaf ears, a what? 
The Realty of all Machines:
The parts listed in the matrix above, do not last the life of this engine which can be 300,000 miles or more , if you run fresh oil, not overheating the engine.
We replace them before they fail and win. (new engines do cost more, than simple tuneups)
The word "tuneup" means, bringing the cars systems, back to the original state of tune, for best fuel mileage, lowest smog, and longer service life of major parts.
Not much has changed,  no points to adjust, on newer cars no spark timing, but the spark plugs do need to be fresh and gapped to hood sticker spec.
The biggest blessing is no CARB. to clean.
Replacing the cam belt is done at 60,000 miles and if not when it snaps, or slips the engine stops dead, (or horrid loss of power) but harm , except maybe, sore legs on the long walk home.
A clogged fuel filter will kill a good fuel pump fast, (overloads it).

Do not let the engine  overheat . (belts and hoses, fresh , will prevent that)  prevents, the  warping the head and cylinders.

Doing maintenance  prevents  most failures, so it does not cascade or worst?, put you in danger,
( locked axles , bad brakes, are all bad news)
Leaking fuel  and brakes tops the list of stop and fix it now.

We call them PM's , Preventative Maintenance.   ( cascade failures, can be horrific)

Brake and front   wheel bearing service, and 4wd HUBS tops this list.

See my tune up page for other tuneup related services. "oil and lube ,etc"

Changing the Accessories drive belts or removing the accessory, P/S , Alternator, and Starter replacement is related.

How  to DE-PRESSURIZE the fuel system? ( SAFETY  first.) (for that filter change?)

How to do the front wheel bearing service ?

How to service & clean locking  manual or Auto 4wd hubs?

The rear axles bearings or axles repairs.

How to rebuild the brake system (using the shot gun method)?

How to change your  Timing belt or  Water pump , seals or fix a damaged crank snout ?
The above will show you how to validate your CAM timing !  +16V too
The first day of ownership, set thelarge front crank pulley bolt (CW) 17mm head, to 94 ft/lbs.  (CW = clock wise)

How to set your  Ignition timing  or fully time a  distributor? OEM method?

How to conduct an Engine compression test ?

How to set valve lash?

My valves are making too much noise, why ?

How to wire the trailer light connector, cheap?

Replacing PAN or PAN gasket 1a:

Never skip the Common, basic engine tests, on a bad running motor.
Four links offsite, These "basics", are taught in every school and every book, ever made on motor troubleshooting !
Playing with EFI, spark , fueling , air or injection are all folly , If you skip the basics.  
Use a "T" fitting to conduct all tests.  (however the EVAP line DIRECT, can be used on all 91-98 motors, pulled)  (before VSV at the plenum)
Attach the gauge to the  on G16A 89/90   to the Distributor vacuum line #33 , the G16A 92-95  EVAP VSV input nipple #44 here
and all G16B (16v mpi) line #18

the ASE Master Mech. Video demo on how to do a cranking and running vacuum test,  "always a first test ! "
See the great example at the 3:12 minute mark !   Classic failures.   4 examples, see them?  Good, cranking, intake fail, exhaust fail.

How to conduct a vacuum test "leaks" ,on the engine? "text instructions"

Do a Vacuum test? or find a "misfire"

This is the Vacuum gauge testing page, that should come with every vacuum gauge. 
On site:
Basics ! How to conduct an Engine compression test ?

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