How to wire a trailer up to your Suzuki Sidekick or Tracker.?

How to wire up a  4 wire trailer to a  5 wire OEM Suzuki wiring.   ( your trailer needs to be wired to the world wide standard for 4 wires.)
If you don't want to rewire the trailer ( easy at the tongue) you can make a 4 wire crossover cable.  Male to female connectors easy.

Source: WalMart.   Hopkins  # 48915,  Trailer converter, 
Pin colors:

Conveter wires
OEM conn, Blue.
4 pin std. @ trailer
 exposed pin.
3 Tail
 Right turn
2- left turn
Green / yell
Left turn.
1- right turn

4Pin Output at trailer,   1 ,2 3, 4 Ground at trailer.

$13 at WalMart.
Connct to harness behind left rear tail lamp housing.
I believe all this device does (using diodes) is to map the brakes on to the blinkers.

How I did it:

See BLUE connector below ?, that is the factory trailer harness connector (found hidden under factory warps)
I have this box with a used total Suzuki harness, to source me a free, connector.

I then cut a connector  off a wrecked Suzuki harness, that had 6 pins or more.
I then cut the connnector  down to 6[om  size.  ( OEM wires remain untouched !) 
Next, I  soldered and shrink wrapped it to my new Hopkins converter.  (off Walmart shelf, btw)
The wire bundle below at left, is the Hopkins converter feed.

I Plugged in  the trailer, and it  tested out  perfect.

BTW: Walmart now has LED trailer lamps, that are water proof (sealed in epoxy) dirt cheap.  All types.

The Hopkins is limited to 2.1amp loads, so having large numbers of brake lamps is not going to work.  I you must do that , switch to LED.
Or buy a much more expensive converter. (say at Uhaul?)

EG: 1996 Geo Tracker .