Hacking  , reverse engineering, etc             

Here are all my hacking pages, development projects , discoveries.  ( Retirement toys)    Back from the dead files,  OBD1?

ELM scan tool,  general usage

ELM scan tool,  a new  Wifi version ( seriously nice)

A MAF clone, hacked.  (A friend bought this, new from China, and it's dead,  why?) (Still birth!)

My OBD2 Simulator , hacked, which allowed,   My $50 OBD2 MPG gauge (x3) , plus a voltage data logger.  (all new)

My oldest page, the ECU problems, and easy repairs. (from 2007-2013)

I restored my old Tektronix scopes, to help me, find hard problems and to hack about. (Tek 465 & 2430 and Owon 71xx

Coming soon, all JEEP JK 2008, CAN-BUS codes , commands.  (my guess, is valid from 2007 to today)
(I will be able to tell, what part of system fails) Will be on my Jeep page.
Jeep calls it the CAN matrix, and is top secret.....
 ( My tool is , the Arduino DUE, with CAN transceivers , by togglebit.com)
It's alive !  I pass the echo test (port 1 to 2)

Laptop hacking,,, and stuff.

rev  3  ++++ 3-28-2015