1989 to 1995 USA OBD1 For Suzuki's  Scan Tools  USA,  what works and what don't:  

Are you here to find a scan tool that works....?

Index to all ways:
  1. Best way 1:  The GM tool  sometimes works for $60 +tax + ship and is always in stock.   This GM cable now seems to work.

  2. Alternate way 2,   The Rhinoway.$75  see the drawings here:.wayback machine has the drawings.(and a Comparator)        

  3. Buy an old used shabby  Vetronix Tech 1 , scan tool with rare Suzuki plug-in's and pray it works.


 I erased all hacking data.
It's 100% moot now, nobody cares I'm sure now,  all the we need is above.

The GM tool  above sometimes don't work due to the GM tools have weak receivers (or had) the Suzuki tool does have a weak transmitter, so...  the tool must be able to read this weak serial data... the Rhinoway does just that he says... clearly....

The connector is DLC 1,  under the steering column.  (DLC2 is next to battery)
This connector ended in 1996 (USA laws and OBD2 rules)

The SUZUKI SDL (serial data link)  is here. Pin M and A.  (pin A is ECU quiet ground, NOT FRAME ground (earth))
The data is serial data on one pin,  is quasi TTL-232 like, but is not industry spec. communications it's SUZUKI comms.
The signals are also weak. (means you need a custom level reciever to get it  to talk, to real computers)

RWAL  is for for the rear wheel antilock brake processor. and it's flash codes
The RWAL jack also has the pins for the 4speed (if opted and missing above on M/T car), automatic tranmission TCM flash codes deal.

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Version 9 ( more is less...  now hacking is in  a dead file.) relic status...