MY PULL /DROP PAGE , how to pull the clutch, tranny, transfercase or engine, etc....    

How R&R the clutch, tranny or transfer case (neat)?

Do not
pull clutch until proven bad,  by following  THIS PAGE. and my one inch rule test ! oh, and replace the cable first and at every 120k miles.

How to PULL the HEAD.

How to PULL the ENGINE.

Pully 5sp Tranny  or Installing a NEW CLUTCH?   (can be replaced 3 ways, pull motor , pull motor and trans as one, or pull tranny)  only tools and skills limit you.  ( I can pull and engine/tranny real fast, if no A/C)

You can pull just the Transfer case, from under the car,  there is one hidden bolt under the shifter (extension) housing. see my tranny rebuild page for that bolt.

How to pull  whole front axle housing or to drop Engine pan.

How to pull rear axle shafts (bad bearings) with video's

How to rework the engine short block , bottom end and slideshow of same.

See other drive line issues here.

How you pull something ,depend on you, your tools , your equipment,  if using a engine hoist , jackstands, a carb, a pit, or  full body lift?  Surely  I can not guess this.?

I have an engine hoist and pull it all as once , for any problems, it saves my back,  even to fix a transfer case, I  pull the motor and tranny as one.  I find this easier for me..

These topics, are covered in the full FSM seen HERE. 

I show the FSM link so you can see the OFFICIAL way !   check it out.

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