Drive-line problems and all other non-engine problems.           
Poor MPG economy?, is here too, because drive line and brakes can effect it.
See Gear head ratio's here.

This page is only part of my maintenance page .

See the  PULL page,  how to pull motor, tranny etc.

The TOWING  RULE's  & transfer case issues ! ( when towed, there are bearings, that are not lubricated (a hard cold fact !) Deal with that, as you may.

My clutch (5sp) is slipping , dragging, chattering, causing gears to grind, or balk?
Never replace any tranny or clutch with out replacing the clutch cable FIRST !  Please ! or those 2 silly shifter tip bushing for $5.

How to replace the 5speed clutch , if the above steps fail to cure those symptoms.

How I rebuilt my 5speed manual transmission? (new bearings and synchronizer rings) for slow (or dead) syncho's or noise in the box.


Front wheel bearings  2wd or 4wd , what ever.

Front wheel 4wd hub service for auto and manual locking hubs. (stock parts)

Accessory belt replacements or adjustments.

Tips for the Automatic Transmissions ! (do the stall tests or main line pressure tests fail?)

Automatic transmission Shift "PARK  Lock out", gear selector , failure? stuck in PARK?

TCC failure diagnosis.  "Torque Converter Clutch lock up failure"  3sp and now 4speed.

1.6L  USA Track-kicks.
GEAR HEADS,   How to count axle  gears R&P  on car, a super simple way?  See below test.

The basic 4WD test,  including speedo corrections and head gears sets.

See my 3000 rpm table showing all axles and tranny and motor COMBO's sold in USA.  , including the equations.

What do the front axles look like and how to drop the engine pan?, via front PIG (3rd member gear carrier) drop. ( one can replace CV axles this way too)

My all SideKick, etc,   axle ratio  list.  (a text file)

What are my 5sp gear ratios?

What are my Transfer case ratios , stock,  1.82:1 in 4L

What are my A/T ratios. (see 3L30 and the 03-72LE sections)  
3sp is ratio: 1,2nd ,3rd.
2.400 1.480 1.000
4sp is:
Ratio's: 1=2.83:1, 2=1.49:1, 3=1.0:1, D=0.73:1 and R=2.7:1

R&P  (ring and pinion Ratio checks)
How to test the ratio , on my axles the easy way?  (1 wheel off the ground using the 2:1 spyder/side gear rule)  

Answer: (open axles raise only one tire)
On Flat ground...  (not for LSD, as LSD (limited slip Dif..) both rear tires must be off the ground. (you will not be able to overpower the clutch pack by hand...)
  • You can check your rear axle ratio by jacking up one  rear tire of the truck not both, putting the gearshift in neutral   (transfer case in neutral is best , if car is 4wd.)
  • CHOCK up  the front wheels, for safety , so car can not roll. (4x4" wood on front and rear, is the most safe:)
  • AND USE A SAFETY JACK STANDS! when under car.
  • Doing the front end, will be hard to impossible, if the axle locks are bad or not locked, or autolocks or have vacuum/pump locks, so rear is more easy.  (front and rear are same ratio so...)
  • Jacking up whole rear end of car, is wrong, because if the other side brakes can drag even a tiny bit, the readings will be wrong (as the spiders spin), so jackup only one tire off the ground. (and WIN)
  • Then, slide your body under the truck and make a chalk mark on the driveshaft axle pinion flange, where you can see it, from the side of the truck.  (I chalk, the U-joint flange at the rear Differental pinion casing side, both moving part and non moving.)
  • Chalk the the inside of tire, at the bottom at 180 degree  bottom,
  • Then release the parking brake and turn the wheel that is off the ground, 2 complete revolutions exactly, while you watch the chalk mark on the driveshaft pinion.  (this method is dead accurate) (or 1 turn, both rear tires off ground for LSD axles)
  • I just did my JK Jeep, and got 3.2 turns, of the pinion, so this is the 3.21 axles not 3.7, nor 4.01. See, it works on real Jeeps too.
Example:  the pinion chalk mark will go past the initial point slightly more than 4 times.  If it does, it has 4.10 gears.   , 5times is 5.125 gears.
Whatever you count you get at the pinion- that's the axle ratio  for your car.
The trick is , turning wheel 2 times,   this cancels out the spider 2:1 ratio  to 0.  This makes the readings very accurate.

Hint, If the tranny is in neutral (brakes off), and you can't turn the 1 rear tire, that means you have LSD or some form of closed axles.
I will not cover the front axle, but if you know how to lock your axles up front (both sides), the same tests works, perfectly.  (so  many kinds there are...)

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