SAFETY FIRST          

SAFETY , please read !
Before working on any car (95 or newer mostly) you must learn how to defeat those dangerous AIR BAGS:
Imagine a small shot gun shell facing you, and you playing with the primer......

Don't forget the fuel safety here.  (there are about 5 big mistakes, to make here, all can be tragic)  < See how to De-pressurize here.
Do not open the gas lines, unless you learn how to purge, said lines.   ( Pull the fuel pump relay, while engine is running, to de-pressurize)
Open lines carefully, with eye protection and a rag, and do not smoke. (work out side, protect family , home, possessions.)
Watch out for Gas fired water heaters in Garages, 1940 to 80's homes had that folly.

Please read this Off site  web page and follow the rules for safety.

Stay away from the engine fan and belt, while the engine is running ! 

My Never list or warnings:
(Everyone including DIY ,or Shade Tree mech.'s)

Touch a fan blade of a running engine. (or wear loose clothing, around these moving objects)

Force any Electrical connector, on the vehicle as they ALL have locks. Just press the lever ! and Pull.
Use liquid fuels to find air leaks, please use propane gas, it  is Far safer !
Look down throttle bore, while spraying liquid fuels with the crank shaft moving. (extend the arm and have on leather gloves, or a mirror)
Weld next to any gas tank, find a professional to do this task or remove the tank first.
Remove the Gas tank, until you learn the safe way to do so on your car.  See FSM.  (factory service manual, used for $15 , get it and read it)
Suzuki makes it hard to drain the tank,because it has a valve in the filler neck of tank at the lowest point (anti-roll-over-check-valve) and siphoning is near impossible.
One way, is to hot wire the fuel pump and let it push the fuel to a Gas Can.  (take great care doing this)
Never work on the gas lines or fuel system in a garage or near pets, children or valuable assets.
Wear plastic clothing while working on cars, only cotton and natural fibers ! Cotton is a very safe fabric.
Remove Radiator cap on a hot engine.
Never open the ignition HV spark wires and run or crank engine, this can blow out the ignitor or shock you badly!  Use a test spark plug and never wide open the wires. Newer cars are even worse.
HV, means the 50,000 volts High Voltage parts (all).
If the ignition HV parts  flashing over, do not run car, as you can blow out the coil, igniter, CMP or ECU !  Big $$ 
We take and old spray bottle (counter argument) with water and spray the HV wire sets with water running (mist not a flood) and if it misfires, now, the wires sets are TOAST. 25 years old?

The same is true for shorting those wires , doing the "power balance test".
Best, is to have a special tool that bypasses, it's easy to get a shock, and the shorts are ok, for short time. (not all week).  The 60k tuneup , protects the system. Use  Bosch Mag wire.!!
I use a special spark plug extender, to do this  shunt test. (open tests are inviting getting shocked)
If someone put , non Resistor wires (non mag, non carbon wire) in your distributor wires,  (those racing solid copper wires  shorting the spark plugs is real bad on the igniter. (non stock car).
The spark gap testers , old work (adjustable) but the new ones, for HEI (higher energy ignition) do not work.  Use a real spark plug gapped right or an adjustable spark tester for 50kv systems)
Never use bricks of any KIND, to raise or hold up a car  as a Jack Stand.  Buy real jack stands or use heavy logs,  Pros use OAK Blocks raising Army tanks.   Always have 2 devices, one as a backup.
Never work under any car unless you have extra Jack stands holding up the car. (never 1 jack) work in pairs. always.


Always assume  (Ours don't but many are added latter) an electric fan can start up at any time,  Unplug the battery Neg. Term. to make car safe.
( park away from buildings and people/pets and valuables, when working on all fuel systems !)
Use Jack Stands rated for your load.  (buy bead welded stands , avoid China cheap spot welded type, flimsy)

Keep speed down, it is top heavy (High CG), is like a box kite and has the  ballistic coefficient of a brick !
The car is as light as only 2000 lbs.  and very light compared to any 1.6L car. (almost) watch out for buffeting winds.