Sammi Stuff – The Suzuki Samurai

The Best Sammi site ever (archived). is here, At AcksFaQs
1968 to present world wide as a Jimny.
SJ 410 and 413s, G10 and G13 engines. Carbs then EFI later. 1995s are best with coil springs suspensions.
In the USA, it sold from 1984 ( Puerto Rico ) to 1995 ( USA safety regs, forced this car to become the Suzuki Sidekick only.)
In 1990 (USA) the engine was upgraded to EFI. (all others are carb fueled) See last link for EFI wiring.
See a slide show of the Sammi, ground up build.
For newer years, try the best source of all, 1995 here.
1986 to 1988. (early years below)
The Samurai FSM v1 chapter 1-4 Chapter index – Engine and fuel. (large PDF’s)
The Samurai FSM v2 chapter 5-17
The Samurai FSM v3 chapter 17-22
The missing schematics page is there. (pre 1990)
Best Samurai FAQ web blog. (lots of swap data and specs)
1990 to 1995 Sammi ECU wiring. ( commented)

Best place for asking questions is FixKick forum.

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