How to adjust accessory drive belts.

HVAC : Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning.

My Air conditioning is on the blitz ,what now?

Cab Heater  issues all : Resistor block , switch fail, dampers, and a full slide show on pulling the heater core.(updated)

(Heating Vent and Air Conditioning , sub section Heater, blower, etc.:

How to remove dash, heater , heater core and find fan, resistor bank ,  The below is the best of the best , from all years.
Read 1996 chapter Volume 1, chapter  8C here.  ,if your car is older skip comments on Air bags (SIR) 
Note that you must remove the whole instrument panel (not just the speedo, the whole dash board) see page 8C-10 & 36 steps here.
at step 20 you need to remove steering wheel following page 3F4  , the "hack" as some say, is to cut the plastic below the steering column , skipping 3F4 completely.
1 more trick , is to loosen the 4 steering column bolts 5 turns, then remove the 2 main saddle bolts under column (plastics off) and let the column sag down.
This allows easy removal of the I/P speedo cluster ( harder to  get to clusters, starting in 96).
Removing steering wheel?, do not fail to defeat the air bags first. (give the bags 4 or more hours to discharge if ONLY pulling Bag fuses!
Be safe with air bags , PLEASE !  They are dangerous to all mechanics.

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