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Avoid the Cheap-lube joints.

Run any car (gas) with no carb, no fuel in gas tank, no EFI injections.
If you suspect flooding or just want to know spark and engine, are ok?, then do the above.  (engine sound good?)
I pull the fuel pump pink wire , behind the left rear tail lamp. (pull the connector there , kills all injections!)

Sidekick rear axle seal and bearing repair.(new at youtube)                   Try my show and tell page, it's all you need, really.

MEGASquirt Custom ECU and 2.0L motor swap in Sidekick

The Hidden SES mileage nag switch. (one of 3 places )  YouTube !

How to do CV JOINTS and boots, and prop shaft inspections.

Brake pad job: very good !

TDC for dummies.  LOL

Harley CV carb on a Sammi, can be done same way on 89/90 Sidekick or Tracker..

Now my Favorite ASE mech. he is Mr. Duane. He is a real ASE MASTER technician.
His videos are not a silver bullet,  after all there is 10 min limit and the advices is free....
Best brake video ever:
How to find the true reason for a cars brakes,. to NOT BLEED properly.

Injector diagnosis: 96+ OBD2 only examples.
RAV4, MISFIRE ( type MISFIRE in his search box and read them all , learn from a master)

My Video's:  (on site) Jwplayer , powered:  All sensor tests are here, in video form.
I have a video page here covering basic  sensor tests.

For fun, see this video:


Wheeling in the snow.   (get video file here   mp4 video. (silent !)) (onsite)
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