Where are ALL RELAYS? USA G16 engine Sidekicks, etc 1989-98; (and more)   

By popular request many folks just want to blame relays first.  (no books; no meter sure, every one does this)
Somethings wrong? and they just have to replace the relay first (a wild guess). GO FOR IT ! They are cheap.
Or you know it bad, but can't find it.  BINGO !

A real factory SUZUKI service manual shows all this and vast details and how to test each part  ,but not most  GM (Geo) books, they  lack most of all that.
The first photo below was made by me in 2007, and is for USA spec cars only  , the Canada cars have a  DRL module is near shift lock (park lockout) relay. DRL means daytime running lights.

First up, is the Dash relays. 1991 to 1995 (older is simular but older  89/90 fuel pump and main are one relay at #5) 
The part #41 blinker stays in place on all years,  and has wires colors,  just 3 pins and one is solid green (unique) {1 black ,and 1  yellow-white wires)  See blinker relay guts are here :(my work)
The 5A relay fuel socket is green with pink wires and is FUEL pump relay. It is here on all years up to 1995. (and unified in 89/90) but was moved stating in 1996.
Dash (for 1998 see this)
PTC is the electric  heater below all early A/T 8v engines, throttle body base heater. 1989/90 .
P/N is the 4speed, power , normal shift profile switch. Rwal is rear wheel antilock brakes. Buzzer is that thing that buzzes, seat belts not connected.
Ths first photo shows all modules, (and relays) under dash.

Next, is 1996 Dash parts, many are in the same place as above.
See 1996 page one here (PDF with comments)  This page shows every inch of the harness and connectors. More Early cars are very close.  (new and now searchable + commentary)

This drawing for 96+  is good too.

They moved 4 relays in  1996 cars:                   see a real 96 photo here, glove box dropped.

2004 cab box.

end cab.


The G16 engine car.  (remember wire colors vary by country and there laws on lighting and other rules DOT,etc) below are USA colors.
Under hood Relays (Engine bay)
 The books I have do not do this well and changed in 1996 and 1999. The right bank fuses are easy (marked) but relays are not. (wire colors make it possible to find the truth)

A/C relays right side bay (and TCC lockup) DO not assume they are still  mounted correctly (20 years, stuff happens)
Use wire colors ! (outside USA the colors are different, so use your own FSM, or see fan wire colors or TCC connector plug colors (white) at transmission flange to find truth.)
The bracket has tabs. the relays may not be mounted to these tabs (lazy previous owners?)  so can be just dangling there, with the DLC plug near by.
or the owner mixed them up on the bracket like this.

A/C  option?, that is correct, on early years it has and addon harness laid on top the main harness.  and adds 2 relays, compressor relay , with heavy wires, RED, for 25amps flow. the early years have an inline fuse with RED wire to both A/C relays.

The TCC relay has  the only solid white wire. (so if missing relay TCC then you have a M/T car "stick shift"  )  If you see a delay module (TSB issued) connected to the TCC , I'd get rid of it  fast, if car is failing smog (P07xx) TCC failures.
Colors are body color and stripe. if you see Dots, IGNORE that, (my guess is that DOT is a secret market code, for factory guys, not to mix them up)

Photo: 96-98 Tracker. Below:
 (early cars have the fuse box rotated, no big deal, that. (but inside fuse box totally different,starting in 1996)  the 3rd relay , on some  cars is not a relay its the DLC jumper conn.( empty socket with a purple wire)
 The 3rd relay below I think? is Park-lock-out relay.(unmarked) 

Next is 1995, relays as it  left factory.

1996 Battery.

2004 under hood.

J18 engine car:
1996 Suzuki 1.8Liter DOHC  Sport engine bay

Here is a page showing the coil ohms on many parts, including relays , lots of things on car , in fact.

Main Relay 73-89 ohms (coil) (the 89/90 coil here., has  tricky dual coil feature (forms a logical "AND" function, so both coils must be tested)
Fuel pump relay 122-148 ohms
TCC relay 90-110 ohms
A.C fan and clutch relay ohms?  (clutch actual is 3 ohms) but the relay?  40-80 ohms (higher current relays run stronger coils (lower ohms/ more current and hold in magnetic field energy)
most relays (coil pins) range for 30 to 150 ohms, if out side this range,  worry.  (0 is shorted, Infinity is dead open coil)
Any relay can be bench tested. (a Suzuki FSM book real, covers this well)

Related :
The VSV coils read about 35 ohms (vacuum soleniod valves)  30-50 ohms range.All vary by temperature, hotter, higher ohms.

rev 2    2-15-2015  ,   USA spec cars.  (can't do them all, impossible)