What you need to make engine RUN, the basic schematics page

My Basic Schematics page, what you need to make engine RUN and some extras, for safe running!
100% USA (North America centric drawings.) Other countries can be different!
The Term Generation applies to USA Suzuki only. (other countries use different type motors and evolution rates)

Fuses are first, I use a voltmeter, keyon, and 12vdc across all fues (both sides hot), with headlights on, this can be a better test (a dummy load that)

All Radio wiring 89-98

1989-90 ONLY: G16A TBI 8V USA some times called SINGLE POINT Injection.
Generation 1 ; 8 valves. 1.6L TBI, Throttle body Injection. EFI, Electronic Fuel Injection only.
The ECU does not create or generate spark in any way shape for from, this car, the Distributor creates all spark all by itself.
In fact, the engine runs on test fuel, with ECU parked on your work bench parked there. ( DANG!)
A/T opted cars, have TB base heating device called a PTC.
This generation has no water heat pipes to the ISC.

A crude and Simplifed schematic page. (the MAIN relay guts are drawn all wrong, see next PDF link for truth.)

Cab fuse box wiring.

The Allpages PDF is here 3mb size, down load it and keep it. See sticky notes, on page 1, for how to get the fuel pump to work (the H1 pin must go hot cranking)

The clutch switch or (PRNDL) switch must close or there will be NO FUELING, PERIOD! (can be bypassed with a jumper)

more… fuse panel details at end of this page.
end 89/90.

Generation-2, began here in 1991 through 1995 USA, Vin U is Geo code for 8valve car.
TBI 1.6L G16A 8 Valve ONLY motors, single injector engines: EFI, with water heated ISC.

1991 8-Valve only TBI Full schematic set. A Total set!

The 1991 unified Head light schematic, I made.

92-95′ 8V TBI ECU simplified Schematic

92-95 8V Component locations

92-95 ECU power feed (8v only Vin U)

92-95 ECU pin voltage list 1, 8v Vin U

92-95 ECU pin voltage list 2, 8v Vin U

ECU harness schematic, 9 pages, 8Valve TBI (92 to 95)

GM GEO oddity:
The GeoTracker calls 8v (only) ECU A pins the B pins, and Suzuki the opposite LETTER, so rename them to suit. A1 = B1, etc. as needed.
The colors were not changed from Suzuki to GM (GEO)

Schematics in common to both 8valve TBI and 16v MPI Trackers and Sidekicks. 92-95. 1.6 Liter G16A/B

92-95 Power distribution both motors 8v/ 16v a full set.

92-95 Dash cluster Gauges, 8v/16v. I/P cluster.

Normal Headlights or HL, non DRL DRL = Daylight Running Lights.

Headlights, DRL only. “Daylight running lights”

Interior and Exterior lamps 

G200 grounds

Shift Park lock out circuit.

A vary Rare 95 factory alarm book, no schematics.

Generation-2, The MPI 1.6L G16B. (4 injectors!)
Suzuki sold both 8v and 16valve motor cars starting in 1992. (Geo introduced 16v in Calif. in 1994 and all states 1995)
16 valve Multipoint injection MPI only. Electronic fuel injection EFI. 1.6L

1992-95′ Giant size print 16v (annotated ) (down load and resize it to your liking)

1995 ECU MPI 16v Full Schematic, (mostly the same down to 1992 but early ECU had no IAT!)

92-95 ECU 16v PIN VOLTAGES list

Engine bay Component locations VIN 6 MPI, critical to motor running.

92-95 ECU power, CEL lamp and diagnostic pin schematic details.

91-95 The DASH Relay and other electric module finder, including ECU and other controllers.

Daylight Running Lights (option in USA or for sure in Canada)
“DRL” modification’s (HACKS) or repairs.

I do not recommend defeating any safety equipment or DRL systems, here are the facts on most GM cars.

What you do, is your business and DRL is not mandatory in USA. (but in civil court anything goes!)
Hint: When you sell the car Undo all modifications.! (or add a switch,hidden,only you know about)

Generation #3 1.6 Liter EFI (not applicable to 1.8L )
Sidekick Trackers, are all 16 valve now. (USA) EPA reg.’s. FIRST YEAR FOR OBD2! In USA.

Fuse box Maps (using Suzuki #)

1996 only EFI ECU schematics : Left Middle Right. 3 page with annotations. The DLC (cab) wires up like this. The ECU conn, look like this. (96 only)

In 1997 (and 98) Suzuki moved the TCM into the PCM/ECU and the connectors and pin counts and pinouts are different. (I don’t have them) But alldata.com does.

1996 DRL Headlight schematic

1996 Relay and sensor locater maps. (errors revised) (mostly correct to 1998)

Suzuki moved many relays in this generation, some to the right side if heater box. (main and Fuel pump relay are 2 )

Important (to run) relays, are here, find the pink wires first, PINK = FUEL PUMP

It’s all here below every detail, even the connector “pin-outs”.

The full 1996 FSM(extensive) the real factory service manual, covers ALL.

1996 European car. (full)

See power and ground wiring here and common faults, see link there for ground faults.

For all other years see here. (free books etc)

USA only below:
Suzuki pit stop

or alldata.com

1996- 1998 DOHC 1.8 Liter SPORT (the wide frame car) SEE 1.8L differences page.
MPI EFI, Coil over spark plugs (COPS) and chain driven DOHC (2 cams) and MAF now moved to the Throttle body guts.

1.8 Liter Sport ECU schematic 96/97 old COPS

Coil OVER Plugs (spark plugs)

1996/7 1.8L old COP ignition coils.

1998 1.8L New COP ignition coils.

These COP parts can not be mixed. If you attempt to drive the 98 COP with a 97 igniter, you get 180degree inversion and the COPS burn to a crisp.

Suzuki Sports are very rare cars, only 9000 sold the laster year, 1998 in the USA.
Mitchell has the best data on this car, as does Alldata.com and books are near non existent.

Is the ECU bad? 8 tests here and how to fix all bad outputs and leaking Capacitors

EFI -electronic fuel injection, MPI = Multipoint Fuel Injection, TBI= Throttle Body Fuel Injection.

Best place for asking questions is FixKick forum.

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  1. 92 Geo Tracker 4wd 1.6ltr 5speed. Can’t keep it runnin replaced coil…when it does run it the engine shakes an won’t run long before it chugs its self down

    • Check timing with timing light is 8 Degrees BTDC on my 92 if it’s chugging I would guess it’s too retarded. But make sure there is also no vacuum leaks.

  2. well first is the cam belt slipped a 60k miles , ignored.
    post to the forum ,not here,
    these comments are not monitored

    cam belt
    compression dead on 1 cylinder
    bad spark plug or wire sets, cap and rotor
    someone removed the distrib and put it back not static timed
    injector bad or wire fell off it.

  3. La mia suzuki vitara sidekick del 97 ha l’apertura elettrica delle portiere con la chiave , mi servirebbe lo schema elettrico per poter installare l’apertura delle portiere con telecomando. Grazie per l’eventuale risposta

  4. Hello can I use ANY OTHER TPS SENSOR on my 93 swift gt 1.3l 16v dohc engine (mounted in 86 samurai) the propper one is $650 canadian at least!! It’s the output values I’m asking about not a bolt on plug and play I know I’ll have to mod the TB to accommodate.


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