Torque specification for Suzuki SideKick / Tracker

Torque specs for SideKick and Tracker 89 to 98. G16a/b,1.6 liter Engines. ( no Samurai or Sport 1.8L engines)

This data is not Guaranteed, it is just a collation of facts for my journal. Please consult your FSM for you car!

Values below 15 ft/lbs are best converted, to Inch/Lbs, just multiply by 12. and then an Inch/lb torque wrenched used.
Example: 10 ft/lbs X 12 = 120 Inch/lbs.

Never over torgue any 6mm bolt on this engine, it is very easy to do and they well snap, and for sure easy those old EGR bolts! (I buy new ones for the EGR and use anti-seize on each I touch)

Compiled from 3+ sources and crosschecked with Mitchells, Chiltons Commercial DBase and OEM FSM from GM(GEO) and Suzuki’s. 1989-1998.
GM torques tend to be single numbers for whatever reason. (GM likes simple, so uses one number, it’s all just a game for GM as all bolts really do have a range)
The Suzuki torque’s all come in ranges (mostly), so you can decide to go low with oily bolts and higher for dry. (all bolts are spec’d that way. ISO, SAE, standards.)

I always apply all bolts wet and use the lower figures when offered. I use anti-seize compound all external threads, that are very small 6mm threads. Water pump for sure, EGR, Valve covers, etc.
The below data is is NO SUBSTITUTE for a matching FSM data, for your exact car engine, and year.
Green is my convenient inch/lb conversions (using low figure due to anti-seize compound usage by me, SAE rules) I use a very accurate 0-200 inch/lb click torque wrench (on all 6mm thread bolts.)
Most ft/lb torque wrenches below 10, are grossly inaccurate so use the inch/lb wrench.
[ xxxxxxxx] = or TSB revisions.
[ xxxxxxxx] = 16 valve (up to 95′) values that are unique or out of 8v range.
All numbers below without inch or ft foot marks, are Ft/lbs.

Engine parts torque specs

Ft-lbs (newer tools are marked in Lbs/Ft) Look carefully for Inch pounds in BOLD and green and do not confuse them.

Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
Spark Plugs 21 252 28.5
Intake/exhaust manifold nuts/bolts 13.5 to 20 [Geo 17]
Throttle body bolts 13.5 to 20 [Geo 17]
Exhaust header flange nuts (steel), same for manifold stiffener 29 to 43
Exhaust shield nuts and bolts 7.5 90
Fuel feed pipe bolt to TB 6 to 8.5 72
Head Oil Jet (gallery) 44
Camshaft sprocket center bolt (use the rocker rail front 8mm hex plug and tool to lock this cam wheel) 41 to 46
Cam valve lash lock nuts 11 to 13.5 132
Rocker arm shaft retaining screws. The rumor is (no TSB filed) that the 8V engine the Philips screws used (countersunk ) were staked at the factory on later years. “ask a gun smith what stake means” 7 to 8.5 84 [Geo 89]
Rocker arm front shaft plug 16v 24
16v Camshaft Carrier Cap bolts.x12 (must be staged up and down) [GEO spec] 89 Geo spec.
Valve Cover 8v. (aka: Rocker cover bolts) This is very very small torque, if you exceed this, the tin metal bends, and gasket leaks. 3544
Valve Cover 16v ( more forgiving this cover, but the 6mm bolts must never be over this number! or they will snap) 80106
Crank Shaft Oil seal housing bolt 7 to 8.5 84
Cylinder head bolts ( always stage them 3 levels!) CLICK HERE FOR SEQUENCE Map
8 valve engine 51 to 54 (91′)
16 valve engine
Step 1 26
Step 2 41
Step 3 52
Crankshaft pulley bolts 8mm head. In 1992 both GEO’s & Suzuki motors changed part numbers of the bolt. {harder?} THIS BOLT M6 HAS A NON ISO HEAD, its 8mm hex wrench 7.08.8 [89-91′]
1213 [92+]
Crankshaft pulley center bolt 17mm head. [ TSB # 423-07196 says 94 ft/lbs for both 89′ to 96 years, factory started Feb-96] retroactive spec. Always is this torque.
8 valve engine (old) [new 94] do not use. 5865 (old)
16 valve engine (old) [new 94] do not use. 81 (old)
Oil pump gear plate bolts (rear) 7 to 8.5 84
Oil pump-to-block bolts (front) 7 to 8.5 84 [Geo 97]
Oil pressure switch 9 to 10.5
Oil pan bolts/nuts. No gaskets allowed after 1995 7 to 8.5 84
Oil pan drain bolt 22 to 28.5
Oil Strainer and basket bolt 97
Flywheel/drive plate bolts 54.5 to 57.5
Timing belt cover (nuts&bolts) 7 to 8.5 84 [Geo 89]
Rear main seal housing bolts 8 96 [Geo 106]
Timing belt tensioner Idler center bolt 17.5 to 21.5 [Geo 20]
Timing belt tensioner STUD nut 7 to 8.5 84 [Geo 97]
Engine mounting center member bolt 43 [Geo 40]
Engine mount chassis or engine side mounts 36.5 to 43
[Geo 40 right and left]
Distributor gear case bolts 6 to 7.2 72 [Geo 89]
Main bearing cap bolts 36.5 to 41
Connecting rod cap nuts 24 to 26.5
Spark plugs 14.5 to 21.5
Water coolant pump base bolts 7.5 to 9 (91′)
912 (95′)
9 [96 Geo]
90 (91′)
108 144 (95′)
106 [96 Geo]
Water coolant pump pulley Nuts 8497
Cooling fan /clutch nut 7.5 to 9 90
Torque Converter bolt 36.5 to 43

Special Sealants:
Distributor base box over rocker rail uses Silicon RTV, use Permatex high temp silicon rubber sealants. No bath tube caulk.
#6 rear,Cam Cap Cover, cap bottom, with RTV,
No PAN gaskets allowed after 1995 or the crank CKP crank sensor WILL fail. (it will bounce and drive you and ECU nuts)
No G16 left the factory with any sort of real pan gasket. Its glued on in the factory and pressure tested, day 1.
How ever most gasket kits come one a pan gasket, as this is far more easy to use then doing a good RTV glue job. 1989 to 1995.
The pre 95s you can use a nice Felpro gasket saving you lots of grief of RTV; praying that it seals. Yes, do use gaskets, on the early engines.
Starting in 1996 the CKP crank sensors,all malfunction if you add a pan gasket, due to stand off error at sensor. Don’t do this or get DTC P0355 errors, smog tests, fail, and now the OBD2 “misfire monitor” is dead, failing smog 2 ways now.
Loctite(tm) 414 the flywheel center bolts. I use this substitute called loctite Blue Removable No.242,into the crank.
Loctite(tm) 414 Super bonder,the Rear main seal housing bolts. Cyanoacrylate adhesives or Super Glue works ok, on this aluminum thread.

Transmission parts torque specs

Manual transmission

Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
Oil fill and drain plugs. I don’t use loctite as prescribed. (especially that side plug) 20
Transmission-to-engine bolts/nuts (Bell outer front flange) Upper and lower
Sidekick/Tracker 51 to 72 [Geo 72]
Input shaft bearing retainer bolts 14 to 20
Transmission cross member bolts 44
Transmission mount bolts 44
Lower transmission to engine 72
Left and right transmission to engine side braces 72
Gear shift lever case bolts 17
Inspection cover bolts 6mm 89
Speedo driven case bolt 6mm 106
Shift extension case bolts 20
Gear shift boot plate to body screws 62
Starter bolts /nuts 22

For Clutch and more transmission torque data see below:

Auto Transmission

Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
Transmission-to-engine bolts and nuts 62
Torque converter-to-driveplate bolt 62
Oil pan bolts 9 108 [Geo 97]


Transfer Case


Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
Transfer case-to-transmission nuts 20
Shift lever case center bolt 60
Shift lever case bolts
Sidekick 144
Tracker 20


Clutch and Drivetrain


Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
Pressure plate-to-flywheel bolts 1420
Driveshaft nuts and bolts
Sidekick and Tracker 3643
Freewheeling hub
Manual locking
Hub body bolts 1522
Hub cover bolts 72 109
Automatic locking
Hub body bolts 1521
Pressure plate-to-flywheel bolts 1420 [Geo 17]
Driveaxle flange bolt and nut (Sidekick/Tracker) 2943
Front axle housing mounting bolts (Sidekick/Tracker)
Left side 37
Right side 37
Rear 37
Front wheel bearing locknut (Sidekick/Tracker)
1992 and earlier (all models) 89148
1993 and later
Tracker 155
Sidekick 180
Differential carrier bolts
Sidekick/Tracker 41
Differential drain plugs
Front 32
Rear 36
Brake backing plate bolts/nuts 1420
Wheel lug nuts 60
Bell housing to Tranny case (see full spec here on type 1 5speed Transmissions ) 36.5
Front bearing plate 12.5



Front Suspension


Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
Sidekick and Tracker
Front strut/shock absorber upper mounting nuts 1422
Front strut/shock absorber-to-steering knuckle nuts 5875
Lower control arm
Front nut 5075
Rear nut 65100
Balljoint stud nut 3250
Balljoint-to-lower arm nuts 5075
Spindle-to-steering knuckle bolts 2943

Rear Suspension

Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
Sidekick and Tracker
Rear balljoint boss bolts 2943
Upper arm bolts 5872
Proportioning stay bolts 17
Trailing rod nuts 5872



Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
Steering wheel nut 1828
Steering gear mounting bolts 5165
Intermediate shaft pinch bolt 1422
Pitman arm-to-steering gear nut 101129
Tie-rod end ballstud nut 2240
Steering shaft rubber joint bolts 1118
Pitman arm nut 101129
Center link nut (Sidekick/Tracker) 2250
Idler arm nut (Sidekick/Tracker) 5072
Steering knuckle seal retainer bolts 96


Fuel and Exhaust

Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
O2 sensor 40



Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
Thermostat housing bolts 712 84
Water pump-to-block bolts/nuts 79 84



Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
Brake bleeder screw 8
Brake hose-to-caliper inlet fitting bolt 1418
Caliper carrier bolts 5172
Caliper mounting bolts 1820
Master cylinder mounting nuts 712
Power brake booster mounting nuts 712
Wheel cylinder mounting bolts 69



Part name Ft/lbs inch/lbs Nm
Glass stud nut 4
Hinge bolt 26
Handle nut 4
Latch screw 7
Front door vent window screw 1
Rear door stationary glass channel frame screw 1
Hood hinge bolt 23
Lift gate
Hinge bolt 7
Latch screw 7
Striker screw 22
Front seat frame-to-floor nut 18
Rear seat-to-seat back cushion hinge bolt 33
Safety belt anchor bolt 36


Errata: (making these GM errors, destroys the screw or the object that you are screwing into…. strips out….)
The 96 Geo Tracker a few horrible errors. but obvious<<< ERRORS Galore!.
Page 6A1-4 Shows tighten the RAD shroud botls to 89 ft/lbs the Ft should be inch or they will strip out instantly. these errors by GM repeats through out manual.
Page 6A1-62 Shows, Coolant pump pulley nuts as 97 ft/lbs,again they mean inch. (off by a factor 12:1, sadly)
Any 6mm bolt with huge Ft/lb spec is wrong anything over 106 inch/lbs is wrong on 6mm!
and this FSM forgets the Crank timing gear bolt spec. published in same year, of 94 ft/lbs.

NO, I’M SORRY 100 Foot POUNDs of torque will never work for any m6 or m8 machine screw on the whole car. (any car) Only some M14 bolts can use that torque, see link to left for why!
The big limit is the aluminun you are screwing INTO, then if steel, either can fail if over torqued.
Our bolts are mostly 8.8 grade, The crank my be grade 10. not sure. but 94/ft-lbs is spec.
If you ever over torque a screw and the object screwed into was not destroyed, then the bolt was yielded, (a word for bad) throw it away and start over, with a new bolt.
Steel in to steel dry: 8.78 grade
M8 is 18 ft/lbs (in aluminum use SUZUKI spec, not steel to steel spec,)
M6 is 7 ft/lbs (the cam caps 16v are 89 inch /lbs, or 7.4 foot/lbs, and never 89 ft/lbs (12times error)

For bolts not covered in the tables. We use the generic spec. on bolts. This is covered in the FSM in the general service pages. Page 9, figure 17 seen here.
Example of above. m6 bolt steel, 4 Ft/lbs that is 48 inch/lbs. (note the gross error in GM book above, using the words what pray tell is that? “they meant Ft./lbs….sadly one more GM error.
This 4 Ft/lbs is for the softest metal bolts made, and is not correct for this car, the correct numbers are listed as Grade 8.8. and for M6 bolts that is 5.8 to 7.7 ft/lbs or 92 inch lbs max, ( except pan or valve cover if using cork!)
The key facts here, are not to exceed the bolts actual spec. as seen the last link above. When reading any GM books, assume there are huge errors from the translation from Suzuki book to GM books, it is very common. (be a skeptic with GM books)

In the N.American cars, we have. Odd sized (non SAE/non ISO head sized, crank pulley tiny machine screws (bolts)
See Suzuki P/N here. for crank pulley parts
The pulley uses a BOLT M6 that HAS A NON standard ISO HEAD, it’s 8mm hex wrench size (odd), if you buy any standard. ISO bolt it will have 10mm head and will NOT work, the socket wrench will not fit and binds against the pulley curve.
buy a real Suzuki bolt, see link above, or buy an Allen socket head M6 bolt. So you can turn it with wrench (Allen).

Best place for asking questions is FixKick forum.

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