ERRORS in USA  manual's   Even real factory FSM's    

Most cheap store books on cars, from any of the 3 (Haynnns,  Chiltoons,  etc)
They only copy the FSM and when you see themn copy the errors in FSM's, it become a comedy.  (sadly)
Get it wrong, in most cases the try to cover 3 or more engines in 10 year span and create a toxic soup of lies and errors.  Avoid them.
The Suzuki books (real FSM do very good, non are perfect but the real books are the best)  But are very hard to find real SUZUKI books.

The GM tracker bopks did very bad in 1996.
The 96 GM books are rife with errors in a few areas too  (doc. release date 8-1-95)  [ but mostly a GREAT source of other information ]
1995 GM FSM how ever, is accurate, and shows both motors accurately.
It is obvious to me the blundered making all the 1996 OBD2 changes...
This 96 manual repeats over and over the wrong distributor rotation, as CW, this is FALSE, it is CCW rotation on all 16v 1.6L motors in USA and Canada.

All instances of this drawing in V2-6E4, section A  repeats this lie 5 times.   (see 6E3-A-93 or first instance)  Same for sections 8A, all lies.  All drawing in Volume 1 are wrong.
The V2 6E3-c7-1  Ignition timing setting page is completely wrong. (figure 4 is a lie)
Next is Volume 1.
V1 Chapter 6D4 ,  tells you how to time the Distributor and not one time, mentions the rotor direction.   < the one place to get it right and they failed !

For me, I crank the motor , look and believe my eyes.  (Dist. cap off)  SEE THE 16V turn CCW? , your eyes don't lie.

Conclusions.   (when I say 12:00 12 O-clock I am using the rotor cap mounting holes as a reference.)
G16A   and G16B (eurpean parlance)

I made this dwg using a 95 FSM., The right side applies to all 1.6L 96-98 USA engine. All G16B engines, GM or Suzuki in the USA.

MORE errors:
In the torque sections of the engine.
any bolts 6mm in diameter that are marked in foot lbs over 8.8 foot lbs (106 inch lbs ) are WRONG. use 97 inch/lbs to be safe.
V1 PAGE 6A1-62/63
Coolant pump pulley nuts are 97 inch lbs not FOOT as shown.
Crank shaft timing gear bolt is not 81 ft /lbs , the TSB written the same year revises this to 94 Ft/lbs.
Timing cover inside cover bolts (metal plate behind cam cog) is not 89 foot lb, but rather INCH.
Rear AXLE:
The section on the rear axle of most books fails to tell you how to seal the rear bracking plate to the axle end , the RTV seal step is missing. (GM gets this wrong , most the time)

GM 1996 Fuel pump relay location: is shown wrong in  the manual. Totally wrong.
This is correct., and good for starting engine, dry, pulled, (with test fuel ) or for other fuel side testing. I pull it for compression testing, or pressurization of the system for like a filter change, etc.

FSM = Factory Service manuals, made by Suzuki or GM. no one else makes, FSM's.

rev 1  6/11/10