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preparing for the future
where is that loctite? exactly? in the rear shoes?

you dont want brakes to lock up, please be careful....
I really like the added pics on your page, excellent visuals on it. makes it easier to figure out. I could have used those when I was screwing it up lol.
Ya, I was pretty happy that no CEL showed up, I really wasnt expecting that, blind dog got a bone. Car passed inspection and emission with flying colors, front end alignment after new tie rods, ball joints and sway bar stabilizers,makes it feel like a new one it is so tight.

One thing I did want to mention On the Calmini exhaust header, the angle is just slightly off, it is not really in the center of the opening for down pipe connection. the connection is pretty tight against the transmisson housing where it mates to the engine, And i mean touching it. I will get a shot of it and post so you can see what I mean. it is after market, and I don't know if they are hand built (cant remember) but it all bolted together and sealed with these parts (down Pipe) http://www.ebay.com/itm/321030198059?ssP...1439.l2649 and (catalytic converter) http://www.ebay.com/itm/261042187999?ssP...1439.l2649 I got cat for $100 shipped on make offer option on this link. just an fyi.
Jerry, thanks for all your valuable advice and info on this thread, I couldn't have done it with out you. I think We can close this thread, the future is much brighter for this tracker, now. We have breathed new life into, and am good to go for 60k

I do have some questions on convertible top, but I will start a new thread for them. Cheers Bill

(07-06-2013, 01:40 AM)fixkick Wrote: where is that loctite? exactly? in the rear shoes? locktite is only
on the screw that I used to hang part 17, after I tapped a thread and let it cure. because the nub that it hangs on wasn't there. there was only a hole

you dont want brakes to lock up, please be careful....
1996 geo tracker cami vin# 2CNBE1867T693XXXX 2wd 5sp
part 17?
missing off shoe or backing plate?
(07-06-2013, 03:49 AM)fixkick Wrote: part 17?
missing off shoe or backing plate?

Sorry it is part 18 it is the piece that moves the adjuster to tighten shoes as they wear. here is a pic of what i did. the nub was not there to hang that part on, there was only a hole in the brake shoe, so I drilled a larger hole and tapped it to fit that screw and locktited the screw in there. I had to do the same thing on the other side of the car too. the hole was eactly where the nub should have been pressed in, or welded in.

1996 geo tracker cami vin# 2CNBE1867T693XXXX 2wd 5sp
updated .

good luck to you, if you find bulk that fits. please post the ID size,
I'm new to the forum and am not sure where to post my question. Since this is talking about brakes, I will ask here, if I should be asking somewhere else, please let me know. I have a 92 Geo Tracker that needs a rear brake job. I have found all the parts EXCEPT the brake adjuster. Does anyone have any idea where I can buy new brake adjusters?
only 2 places, I know , suzuki (GEO/GM is hopeless)
and top brake parts makers.

did you look at rockauto first?
dorman? brand?
92 what, 2 door, 4door and 2wd/4wd....
need full car spec to buy brake parts, on all cars .
here is the 2 door adjuster, see those strange backing plates, a big clue there.
raybestos has some parts but not that.one. and a drum kit. minus that part, ive had hard time getting it even 10 years ago.

tell car full spec, and ill give you the real suzuki P/N then with that there is hope. direct or substituted.


ok looked it up
there are only 2 parts, left and right
53810-60A70 (right)
53820- same suffix

so armed with that fact $63 at suz ( they must pay for Chapter 11 some how)? times 2, tax + ship...

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