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preparing for the future
Hey Jerry, I will try that is storming here now so no working on the car in driveway. I will try the heat and cool, . i will use an impact gun as a last resort. the impact tool I was talking about is the kind that you use a hammer with. You hit impact driver and it turns from force of hammer. Is this a last resort tool also. http://www.sears.com/craftsman-impact-dr...947641000P
thanks for the help Cheers Bill
1996 geo tracker cami vin# 2CNBE1867T693XXXX 2wd 5sp
same here, blustery hot ran.
no,was thinking air tool , impact ,sorry.
i forgot to say, heating the bolt may anneal it, (get soft) and be useless later. And, red hot , will for sure. so must be replaced if it got too hot
. but on that many miles, they are no good any why, ever heat cycle shortens the life of those head bolts. (the get tighter hot ever time you drive, as much as 2 times with alum. heads)
yes, the impact hammer hit huge torque values. (air tools)

if there is a weakness in the thread roots, this tool will find, it. and the worst place is an engine block .

on mine it had allen head bolts (some are 12point/?)_, and i had a 1/2 drive socket that fits, that. and can use a breaker bar. and rock it back and forth.

Yes, the kind that is for use on motor cycle (sears) , the hand/hammer impact hammer. i think that is very gently, Yes, give that a try. but id heat it (bolt) so hot , it will boil spit.
just a cheap propane torch, will do great heating things

good luck on your Lil Kick.

im was cussing, mud in the bottom of my radiator. that org colored antifreezed turned to muck, my guess PO mixed green and orange.
4 hours to get it to flush free (50k on motor)
thats a nice looking jeep. Is that the one that you fought getting the mud out of radiator. Good news on this end, i got the bolts to give on the head. I didn't even need heat. i just kind of held them with a lot of force and they gave. it was kind of strange. I dont think the po used a torque wrench they were all different tightness, or maybe they just rusted uop a bit. I don't know. Before i pulled the head I took several cans of brake cleaner and cleaned the motor of oil that covered it. I was getting tired of being covered in grease to my elbows. I took intake off too, so i will give that a thourough cleaning while I wait for rebuilt head to be delivered. I wasn't going to order till I knew for sure it was burnt valves.... Not sure if I am up for regrinding the two, probably four vlaves. what is your thoughts. thats all I have for now. cheers Bill
1996 geo tracker cami vin# 2CNBE1867T693XXXX 2wd 5sp
what great news, it's apart. now you can check it out.
yes, in the 02 jeep.
yes, PO mixed green with orange, dex cool. nasty , mess, was like an old 50s car back when there was no real antifreeze, just alcohol then.
we found 2 jeeps, both with 50k miles, one for me and one for son.... we scrounged for 2 weeks to dig them up, full time, hunt.

most high mileage , engined like yours, there threads carbon up. from oil, there, then the heat bakes it into carbon, and must be gently rocked out.
i had one with 250k on it and it was like that, but was a good motor still , just needed head job.

just make sure not to block the head oil feed orifice with head gasket up side down. the felpro version is marked UP.

happy trails. !
ya I ahve heard not to mix the two, my son had to put some coolant in my truck. He called and i missed the call..called him back and he had put regular anti freeze in the coolant reservoir. I told him to get it out of there it would turn to slush. he used cheap pump siphon hose and got it all out. fortunately.
Guess I am going to get a rebuilt head from guy on ebay, same one as you have on your pages. will felpro gasket set have all upper motor gaskets. water pump and ones for intake too. i will order new head today. and gasket set. p what parts should I consider getting for the new head and intake other than the gasket set.
fuel injector seals?
Head bolts?

thanks Bill
1996 geo tracker cami vin# 2CNBE1867T693XXXX 2wd 5sp
great questions!

yes, clear water asks funny q;uestions, i guess, they see so many odd swaps they feel compelled to ask the obvious.
lots of pitfalls.
1: green and orange antifreeze , ouch.
2: finding head bolts, are real hard. for 16v, tell clear water all 96 are 16v MPI (multipoint injection, never single point TBI)
3: suzy wants $40+ for bolts. Napa will say they have them but lies, they fit 8v only head, radical different fit, hopeless.
4: ARP makes bolts, but want the next unborn male child. $100 and up.
rock auto has this, set. i think is the only affordable after maket set.

5: felpro is fine stuff. love it,
HS9683PT1 full top end. no injectors seals. on exh. collector donut seal.

no water pump seal, in above , that is in bottom end kit or separate.

injector seals and cushions, here.


did old head fail the gas in chambers test >?
leaks out like sieve.?
or is warped.?
sorry just idle curiosity.

we are tired, we did 2 , 60k tune ups and brake purges today, pant pant....
wow you were busy today, two 60 k tune ups and new brake fluid. let me know next time ill come with mine hahaha, I sent pic to your email of the valve, it was so obvious that it was burnt. I tried to load on here and it said invalid picture file. I am making order to rock auto i have 5% savings coupon, woohoo. here it is. 1555733212743497 type in "How did you hear about us" good till august 18 2013. at any rate they had best deal on gasket kit. bolts too. I cant find the ditsy seals on rock, but I will pic them up local. I lost the page were you had the numbers for them at any rate. I'm gonna go clean the intake it is a greasy mess too. talk to you later Bill
1996 geo tracker cami vin# 2CNBE1867T693XXXX 2wd 5sp
i got the files to load so here is the pics of the burnt valves on 1 and four cyl It was so obvious i didnt think i needed to do a test hahaha



here is another shot of the wires i pulled


cheers bill
1996 geo tracker cami vin# 2CNBE1867T693XXXX 2wd 5sp
that valve looks kinda sick,
those 2 wires, are non polarized, its a transmission switch (reverse or 4wd or what ever, ) its just a switch so is happy wired backwards.
you're AOK.
dynabill, I used the head bolts from rockauto on my 96 Tracker and they worked fine, they are the most affordable I could find anywhere. I also used the FELPRO head gasket, hard to mess it up with all the markings on it. My local auto machine shop guy charges $25 per valve change and re-seat, of course if the means are there I would also much rather put in a whole rebuilt head and get it over with.

fixkick, funny you got jeeps now, last week I backed out of buying one for $1000 still running, straight six, I should have bought it!
1996 Geo Tracker, CAMI, 16 valve, 5sp, 4x4, soft top, 2 door, no a/c

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