The Geo Prizm car

It is just Toyota Corolla. Gen 6 to 8. (in GM snake skins (badges)
1989 to 2002 (The last Prizm was built on December 13, 2001) 1990-2002 model years.

In fact, the Corolla and Prizm were made (built) side by side in the NUMMI plant, in Fremont, California, back when……
Search now at TOYOTA NATION ! for solutions to many problems (see Prism there?, yah)
The diagnostic jumper TE1 to E1, (etc) is covered here, pre-1996.
OEM parts and nice drawings here.
1995 Operators guide.
Know what engine you have before buying parts, or look things up in the FSM. (factory service manual) or at the fantastic
The Prizm used These 3 Toyota ENGINES ; All 3 are interference engines, so Ignoring the cam belts on 4A/7A is folly!

The Horse power of the first two engines is not much.

  • The 4A/7A engine EFI uses the Speed Density fueling system, (MAP based) And EGR thermal sensor read back device. (air leaks to the plenum always cause engine racing)
  • The 1ZZ enigne uses Air Desity Fueling system (MAF based) and does have a Map only for EGR tests. These two facts, make engine troubleshooting far more easy ! ( air leaks to pleanum hot, can cause lean AFR and idle speed drop)

Service data and fuses.

  1. The forum called Toyota Nation. , see gen 6 to 8 ,under Corolla.
  2. Alldata.comĀ  (log in and read the virtual FSM)

The big differences are the badges and the interior trim pieces. (And some have Delphi A/C, not Denso)
This fact (same car year) helps, find used parts, off a Corolla for a Geo.
That fact, also helps finding the FSM , get a GEO or Toyota Corolla FSM. (factory service manual)
And new parts from Toyota or GM.

This is the risk, buying any GEO product , finding parts, and the risk of matching them up at Toyota.
Geo brand is a dead brand in the USA.

I note, that some on line manuals skip chapters for some cars systems , when looking at Geo Prizm and not Toyota Corolla. This is what I call the Geo disease.

I get no commissions , all content is pure opinion. (and 50 years experience)

FSM Books? Buy them here., buy real ones,not clones, real GEO.

Best place for asking questions is FixKick forum.

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