Geo Storm or Isuzu impulse

What really is, a GEO STORM (rare old car) ;? The car is really an Isuzu Impulse minus some of that car’s more expensive features. A detuned Impulse. Isuzu killed it, after 3+ years of production. 1990 to 93′ The car had 1 of 3 Isuzu engines. (In the USA? open hood , look up … Read more

The Suzuki Swift or Geo Metro

Links: What is a Swift, and why so many nameplates. (over 13 names world wide ) More details on Metro are here. Team Swift: Metro forum 1: Metro Forum 2: Schematics are here. “wiring” The GEO Metro, OBD1 , on board diagnostic codes, DTC, errors and diagnostic jumper pins are shown … Read more

The Geo Prizm car

It is just Toyota Corolla. Gen 6 to 8. (in GM snake skins (badges) 1989 to 2002 (The last Prizm was built on December 13, 2001) 1990-2002 model years. In fact, the Corolla and Prizm were made (built) side by side in the NUMMI plant, in Fremont, California, back when…… Search now at TOYOTA NATION … Read more

Sammi Stuff – The Suzuki Samurai

The Best Sammi site ever (archived). is here, At AcksFaQs 1968 to present world wide as a Jimny. SJ 410 and 413s, G10 and G13 engines. Carbs then EFI later. 1995s are best with coil springs suspensions. In the USA, it sold from 1984 ( Puerto Rico ) to 1995 ( USA safety regs, forced … Read more