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x-90 P0335 code
or that CKP analog port is weak, some ECU may be more sensitive on the CKP port more noise immune or both.
CKP is the weakest sensor on the for sure at idle slow RPM.

why not just run the tracker ECU, it may be happy in the X90... if it just plugs in , im sure no harm can come. (real harm)
see of you get other codes, like EGR with wrong ECU. that can happen.
your car is 5speed manual stick shift so no 3/4speed AT horrors.. TCC and autoshifted, 4speed,.
your set up is simple with 5speed.

I do feel you pain with 335, but never see this car not possible to fix with a new CKP or no pan gasket. there.
Hey Kick!! Ok now we can label this problem as SOLVED.  Id actually like to change the title officially now because its done. So yes the new ECU was bad with the same damage so we sent it back.  I was able to get a hold of another ECU not sure if it came for a sidekick or a tracker but it was a 2dr 4x4 with a 3 speed auto.  I have included the picture of the serial number. 


Like the other ECU from a tracker, this one didnt throw the P0335 code! Even better it didnt seem to throw any codes at first.  Well let me go through the codes and how i fixed them to get this x-90 on the road.  Most codes were found while driving with the OBD 2 scanner plugged in.  

So the P0335 was gone with the new ECU

The very first code thrown was a P0304 Misfire at cylider 4: cleared that up with new gas as the gas had been sitting for months.

Next code thrown was a P0500 with the speed sensor; cable broke twice (once due to my routing through tight corners) also had a bad speedometer needle and had to order an entire cluster to fix it.  The spring that keeps the needle wound and keep proper speed somehow got all tangled and ruined the gears in the speedometer.  This was a problem from when we purchased the vehicle but had not been addressed yet.  With both replaced it runs without the code and the speedometer works.

P01715:  This was the first 3 speed auto code thrown while driving the vehicle around and not worrying about any crank sensor going off.  I looked into your wiring  schematics on your site and realized the Park/Neutral switch is wired in the same way as the clutch switch so i was able to find a way to add to the harness.  P01715 activates pin 22 on connector C2 of the wiring harness so i applied a cranking voltage to that pin and it fixed the trouble code.  It only activates while driving above 45 mph but is a pending code until the car stops at a complete stop then its cleared.  

P0740  TCC lock up:  picked up this code while driving at high speeds and realized that pin 16 on the same connector C2 needed battery voltage and did the same fabrication.  The code never showed up again.

Neither one of these wires were included in the wiring harness.  I found an old computer power supply and cut one of the wires with metal connector out of the 24 pin connector.  The internals are the same as a wiring harness and you can insert the metal connector cut from the 24 pin computer power supply through the back of the ECU harness and make a connection with the pin.  Its actually a tight connection and works after the ECM is mounted back in its original place.  

The only other code thrown was the P0400 and to clear it up i cleaned the entire EGR piping from the throttle body to the valve itself even to the exhaust.  It was pretty caked but did clear the code.

The x-90 has now passed smog due to the fact they dont take the car over 45 to trip the 1715 code (yes still goes off but clears when vehicle comes to a stopped).  The car runs great and is now California emissions legal.  I welded in a new cat that only cost me 140 on amazon and is california legal.  Thanks again for all your help and i hope this information helps you in some way.  Enjoy!
what great job you did, and passing smog , not easy there. ever.
the PSU wires from a home computer make the ECU A/T 71E21 happy is a great, idea, and TCC , lockup failure, just amazing.

71E21 ,means federal ECU, A/T trans, 1996, 4WD., 2door, car.

doing that pre or 1995 is easy, on any 1996 up, and amazing feat...
in the early years transmission errors are not recorded in the ECU, (TCM only)
in 2wd 5speed manual transmission x90

i think your bad ECU, is not really bad CKP port, but in fact noise caused, the bad ECU has bad caps and the noise on power bus, inside is huge causing the CKP zero crossing detector to misfire. Never seen any ECU blow up and input as they are so well protected with R/C network filters. (baring a lightening hit)
replace all electrolytic caps with very low ESR grade 105F rated caps for best results. (most ECU its only 3 caps)

Congratulations are your hard work that paid off... on old cars with old ECU, RARE. Thanks for sharing too.

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