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x-90 P0335 code
the caps with no star cross on top (stamped)
can and do this.

Awesome we are killing this plague of a problem!

This vehicle had so many problems it must have been hard for the previous owner to know were to start. Looks like more info to add to your page! I will see if i have any spares laying around in any boards i have but finding those at that voltage might be a little troublesome. I might just have to purchase them.

I will start with the caps and see what happens and if it doesnt clear the code i might just pull the trigger on a rebuilt short block. The vibration is not eccentric enough to be an issue to me if it does, especially after adding the new harmonic balancer. Its just enough wobble to wear the belt a little.
if the caps shorts out as it will for sure soon. the IG coil fuse blows and engine stalls stranding you.
so keep fuses handy...
good luck to you and many happy miles,
I was able to find a few caps laying around that were good to throw in.  One of the caps on the ECU did in fact leak and you can see the green on the bottom of it.  I decided to change all barrel type caps as they were all bad.  I included a picture showing them all.  I popped the computer back in and still get the code.  It starts up no issue.  I have cleared the code several times just to watch it pop up either immediately or in less than a minute running. Im leaning on that shim being the issue.  

There is someone down here selling a whole motor for the same year, but off a sidekick.  I might swipe it because it is just a drop in but its more than i really need. If it comes with the manifold i might be more inclined.  Sadly there is no way of knowing if there is the same issue with that motor.....

seems everyone only sells long blocks and i just need a short block...

OK Kick IM back with some good news!!! Need your opinion! I was able to find another ECM for only $40 and it was out of a 96 geo with an auto transmission. I talked to trail tough and they said if i found another computer it should work in telling me if the computer IS IN FACT bad or the motor is. Well i stuck it in and NO p0335 code!!!!! It threw an emissions code and a 1600 code (ecm and tcm communication). I have a feeling that the other computer is bad if this one is not throwing the same crank angle sensor circuit code. Im going to find another good computer or contact trail tough and see if they have a working one. They let me know they have a test jig to test them but they dont test for EVERYTHING and they have nothing to test the crank circuit. Ill just have to source one from a 2 door manual. Im so happy to see the code gone.
OK so this problem has been SOLVED!!! CASE CLOSED!! i went back to out the car and wanted to see if i could get the code to throw, so i unplugged it and LOW AND BEHOLD the code was there!! More confirmation that the original ECM was bad.  Man am i happy! Just need to find a replacement ecm and the x-90 is back on the road.  

that is pretty rare to blow up the ckp input, it is well protected, but that is good if you found ECU bad. they can be very expensive and testing them 100% is not easy.
it may be someone was wiring in some aftermarket part, to these ckp wires, for say , remote start or alarm and blew it up, (a humpy dumpty was pushed deal)
More feedback to ya kick! Idk how i missed this but here is the acid damage.  Must have been the dim lighting when i took it apart originally.  I feel bad i didnt catch this prior. The orange cap is the one i put in to replace the other.  

you are welcome and good luck to you.....!!!!
all large can shaped CAPS need to be replaced on all old ECU .like this most are bad, 20 year life span is spec. 20 is now gone by.
The caps all
dry out inside (now dead) but look nice,and are bad.
crack, split, even tiny volcano on alum case sides, blows the bottom rubber plug out, the top STAR is bulging and or cracked, any odd shapes at are bad.
we measure or just go wild and spend $5 and get them all replaced, from mouser.com. Buy Japan Yamaichi Electronics caps.

bad caps are all bad news. get them all out of there. most times its just 3 caps. there. (varies by year and engine)
the caps bad cause NOISE, and with NOISE the logic goes NUTs, logic works great only with clean pure DC power, never with NOISE FOR POWER.
all computers made same, all logic, same failures for noise. CPU what ever,.
the ECU has many VRMs on it voltage regulator modules and all must be clean outputs, these filter caps do that job.
Happy 4th of July kick!!  OH  MAN talk about a head scratcher.  So we purchased another ECM with the same serial number from ebay online.  Seller claimed it was fully functional.  We put it in and get THE SAME DAMN CODE!!!  Crazy how a second x-90 ecu throws the same code, yet the 96 geo tracker ecu doesnt.  Well i opened it up and it had THE SAME DAMAGE.  I have included this image and it blows my mind.  Might just forget this whole thing altogether and upgrade to a 4wd setup and stick the tracker ecm in.  I tried cleaning up the electrolyte on the original ecm but that didnt help.  At least i know its a computer issue, yet these things are rare.  


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