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Spare parts list for the Philippines
I see the SE416 ,in Australia has G16b with this injector 57b, so 57b must be a lower output power engine, version, called a Type1,2 in Europe.
so the 57b must be smaller injection rates, and may not give you 95HP at the flywheel.
i looked ,my usa fuel rail G16b and is same rail as 57b, so my guess is the injector fits, but will under inject. and the 57b runs its own rail pressure, so... that is different too, and is important.
wow, so much information, thank you.

i forgot to mention, my bad... my car is not a European version, what i have is a Japan domestic model, i think.
i think the car has traveled: japan-ireland-romania
my chasis number: TD01W-141782
type: E-TD01W
also, all the writing inside the car is written in japan, i also have a O2 sensor mounted in the catalytic converter (i have read it on your fixkick site, if it has O2 sensor in the CAT is typically a JDM car) + RHD
and yes, i have G16A (101hp) engine, NOT G16B engine. and yes, i have an AFM (i have attached a picture).
europe market has G16B engine 95-97 hp

hope this info is helpful.

in the end, all i want is just some injector (new/refurbished, reliable, not too expensive) that will fit and work, i don't mind if i have a slight power loss. my actual injectors are leaking, flooding, bad start on summer days, perfect start in winter days. i have already tried cleaning them but it didn't work.

BTW, if you need more info for your site/personal library about this JDM model please let me know and i will try to help you.

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there are many JDM configuration, and one documented in english, at the dealer the JDM is not in the data base, its missing,
but a trip to japan and there it be.

the AFM is not a maf, like all the others G16b use, its a cheaper version, and this has its own ECU to run that aIR Flow meter, its not mass flow like the rest;.
why not go to an injector shop in your country ever city has one,
after all , all cars have them one, very few carbs left on the road, do you think every one just pops in a new $250 injector at every clog, no. they clean them OUT OF CAR.
they reverse flow them to get the screens inside clean, 10micron screens , 1/4 the size of the other filter. at 40 microns.
they do that with unltra sound, this breaks up the gunk there,
this is what all shops do, they have them pro cleaned. (unless owner flush with cash ,and $1000 in injectors and labor on top)
thanks but i do not have edit on that site now. its not mine.

Ive seen some JDM on pacific islands, AFm, not 02, no cat, no egr, they sold E01, vitaras too that way, E01 is market 1 , the general market, or nobody market in particular...
these are CO tuned, with a CO resistor block under dash. the tune for low CO and call it a day.

I call your AFM a toilet plunger, it sure looks link mine next to the Thomas E Crapper., and is very funny. that.

there are 2 injectors used, which one to use, depends on what is in your car now.
or 58b
The injector matches your ECU, your ECU is not ours, we run just one injector pn here, 92 to 98 all same , but not true world wide, sorry.!
the problem is only finding out what is there, and YES< EFI is complex. for sure, if you look at all 8 types of G16 sold world wide.
any seller of new injectors knows this, show them yours. same with rebuilds.
and all major cities have injector cleaners,

here watch this guy in the pac, NW
if your read his page, he tells you all that they do , how they do it why and with videos.
it's not a secret, and all injectors sooner or later need this guys service. done the correct way,,

if the coils are ok, most can be cleaned 100% , he will tell you that, and dont cost much, 10% of new>


if you ran bad fuel. this is usually the cure.
if you drive the car every day and run chevron fuel, it's cleaned every day you drive. (they use benzene in the fuel to do that)
other fuel suppliers do the same thing, SHELL , BP,
in other countries, maybe not, some ban the use of benzene. (its toxic)
the Plunger afm , will be less powerful its restrictive but cheaper to make, ever seen old mazda air van AFM? a vain and a pot. (var, resistor)
so makes less HP, and maybe, sorry , the suzuki engineer retired I bet, used cheaper low flow injectors here. to save money.
This makes this car the low end car. lacking a real MAF>
my wild guess, as to why they made, odd AFM EFI systems. while making better at the same time.
thanks for sharing photos, photos are magic, worth 1000 words.
the posters with modified cars, and no photos, get wrong answers every time. for sure mine.

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