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Sidekick Sport - Clutch engagement probs? Check the "Pedal lever"
I'm posting this because I have now run into 3 Sport owners with Clutch problems that they thought
were the slave cylinder and it wasn't.

 They have loaded the 'parts cannon' replacing the slave cylinder and gone through the
bleeding process with no success in getting the clutch to work.

 The problem has never been the slave cylinder but the 'clutch pedal lever' under the dash that bends/tears and stops the plunger
from moving.   

It's number 26 in the diagram below.    
Often it can be bent back and welded up with additional metal to strengthen it up.  

It wasn't designed properly from the factory to hold up for the many years these vehicles have been on the road.

I hope this helps someone in this situation and gets their clutch working again.
[Image: 9f1ef752-cb07-4698-a879-237058af8569]
thanks !
i guess you mean J18 SPORT as many dealers world over put SPORT LABELS on side of G16 vehicle,  and are not J18 at ALL.  but slave = J18 for sure.

23 years of clutch action say 50 times a day is what. 1/2 MILLION strokes,  really amazing anything on earth lasts that long, for sure clutches.
the sport is 100% hydraulic action  clutch , but  the G16car is 100% mechanical. the latter loves to fail as you stated, the not the hydra,version
what KILLS G16s is the cable rusts and seizes and the driver, pushes 100lbs on the pedal (6:1 ratio lever) and 600 pounds wrecks these parts fast, but hydra, never seizes.
but pure mechanical loves to fail for may reasons, cable end the damn clutch pedal loves to crack , only lame factory spot welds , I 100% welded mine at all key stress points, for sure see cracks, really easy fix, a pedal. cracks.
if you watched my video you's see what normal J18 slave action is. (linked below)
FYI (also)
the collapsed throw out bearing will render the slave useless. and nothing to push back on the slave piston rod , oboy complex and confusion, now.
to work a clutch we start at the pedal first not pull any 4wd drive line only to find out gee the pedal is a wreck or the spline shafts on it are stripped.
we have  page on this, shows all this,   12 years now. same page.


J18 slave moves 19mm stroke if not bleed it,  the bleeding is not easy nor are motorcycles or light front brakes on light aircraft, due to the pipes are VERTICAL. 
picture in your mind, brake fluid bubbles wanting to float up as you want to force them down and out of the slave bleed.  (no fun that)

12 year old video.  still kicking !

just maybe a j18 with 1million strokes (pedal) are the end,. IDK , the car is freaking old. so. really expect anything.
Yes, I mean the J18 Sport model, not the ones with the 'stickers'.

 I understand what you mean by the sheer amount of use over the time involved but and the failure but  it still could have been designed a bit better
IMHO but no sense in griping about that now.

I have just seen many people in the process of diagnosing and attempt at repair that this part is often overlooked as part of the problem.  
They don't think ti look under the dash and never see it is bent/torn. 

I know one person on another board that was trying to sell his Sport and almost giving it away for this problem because of sheer frustration
in never getting the clutch to work.  The vehicle was in good shape and after we fixed this problem he got almost double what he was asking for.

 I've repaired and welded up at least 2 of these arms for people to get them back working. We got a brass bushing from the local hardware store
instead of #25 in the diagram, (had to make the hole a little larger to fit) and greased it and good to go.
the welds do suck, same on all my jeeps 1988 to 2010
all have bad robot done suck tack welds. same on suzuki and same on toyota's I'm told.

all corrected by me, from 1965 to now, done this on vast cars Ive owned.  EVEN CHEV Pickups owned,  and vans Ive own. all stick 1948 was my first CHEV.(in year 1965 I restored)
it is NOT a suzuki issue at all. IT'S ALL. (jap/usa )

YES the simple parts, are crap. 100% ;USDA certified crap.

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