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95 tracker no start
one more this. CHAD test 1.:

you can do this on any gas (petrol) engine, even with no manfolds at all. or no intake manifolds.
if you have and INTAKE Man. Present then the TV will be closed and air is lacking (for sure if IAC is Dead) so we block the throttle open just a tad. (say 1/4" on the TB, cable point.
TV throttle valve , TB throttle body.
then with test fuel, (use real test fuel) one can do the above on any engine, and is also very common seeing folks do that with motorcycle ,with NO GAS tank at all or FUEL missing.
just a skill to learn if , NOT TRUSTING ENGINE OR SPARK we learn this.

just keep face back from Air horn so if it backfires eyebrows not burned, the sock hat is wise too. as are goggles (PPE full)
but 2 persons, and can of test fuel at arms LENGTH and this skill you can pretend you are a human CARB. and that is why I like this video.
he has remote starter start device for 1 man test.
make sure the engine has air or all tests can fail, for sure EFI systems that are failing for IAC or ISC air supply devices, (old cars sure)

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