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92 vss code 24
if the reed is missing
its a 89 head
or someone took it out.
2 possibles. only. (have parts list to prove it)
see that my pdf on all heads yet
there are many heads assy.
and as many speedo cluster meters, huge number and different shapes. that can not be mixed.

no sticker on the bottom of your head, to tell use what it is?
they look different the actual.meters.
by shape, MPH, KPH, 99,999 and 999,999 mile odometers. but all have VSS, (cept on very early 89) the reeds is in all of them, and is near the mag wheel it can be NO PLACE else, impossible that.
the wheel thurns
look here at my exploded guts meter.

look careful , see the reed there soldered down. top red arrow pointing to it
on the left ,see mag turns.... that is a split mag, North south , and noth south poles, twin split magnet IIRC, 2 at least 4 maybe, 10 years to forget that .

[Image: speedo-guts4.jpg]
Sorry for the duplicate posts. Trying to get my pic sizes small enough to send. Mine looks exactly like #8. SZ-912-01. It has a tag: B1 SZ-912 05 34100-61AJO. Thanks, Greg
that bearing seen just below that coil spring, is cheap carp suzuki plastic bushing. the cup never touches the mag ever, or BOOM END.

the magnet field does 2 things.
its toggles the reed,
and magnetic couples the CPU, the mag field is counter balanced to the sprint seen above, that is all there is to this.
the odom is simple gear drive,
do not do what i did above, its destructive presentation. or needle calibration totally off by mile. (the cure is dangerous. drive with GPS and slam need back as you drive,yes crazy
no probe, dups here can be deleted easy.
ok looking it up

you can see the copper PC traces going to V1 and V2, that is the reed.

[Image: 90-66aj0.jpg]
Do you have a picture of the back side of the speedometer face with the guts intact? I don't have anything under there for the v1and v2 terminal screws to go into. Greg
so the v1 and V2 pads have no screws there,
if the screws are missing then the vss assembly is missing, some one stole it. no other explanation

i cant find data on 61aJ0 (MAYBE gm/Geo version codes) seems wrong year to me... this code

IS your car 2 doors. is it USA car.?
if yes, see this photo - C code = canvas = 2 doors.' e3- usa fed,. e33 = usa calif. head, (fed has nag switch) Calif has wide odom..

[Image: 3_31_03_17_9_06_51.jpeg]

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