How to find which engine you have or the parts attached to it?       

Which Engine?: Inline 4,  with 8 or 16 valves ?   Valve covers below:    or the V6 -24 valve

The 8v TBI  SOHC  Engine cover is black painted, the 16v MPI  is silver color and is stamped (cast really), "16 Valves" Clear as day.  
Suzuki, for whatever  reason uses VIN code #2 for both 8v and 16v motors, making parts hard to buy. So, open the hood ! Look here for G16A/B info.
Gander below:   Notice how the 1.8L (J18/20) SPORT engine has the oil filler up front ! 

J18 or J20

The CARB fuel INDUCTION intake sysetm.  Shown only to see missing EFI "electronic fuel injection" system!
Seen on old Vitara's or the USA rare 1989 , 1.3L Sidekicks.  Carb.'s are seen in other countries 10 years past the legal limit here, 1989. 

Best way to fix an old CARB, is to put in a Harley CV carb."ez tune" , a Weber and using a wide band oxygen sensor meter, tune it fast) Or like this Calmini.

These Carb parts are mostly unobtainiuim. (the most rare element on earth)

This below photo, is not a Throttle body. It is a stink'n CARB.  ( the only problem with carbs is getting parts, kits, and jets size data after 25+ years)
For 100 years we boiled them out (means cleaned with a magic heated chemical.)then kitted them, and made sure  all jets matched your altitude. 
Then  lots of by the FSM  book adjustments.
(Old guys, used GUNK BOP or Bendix parts cleaner then and heated it up, then in year 2000  all that old "FAST" stinky stuff is illegal, replaced with weak cleaners, took me 8 days to soak one carb, in this.)

   Vitara Carb slide show   or the  Europe Carb.  or Australia

TBI is a Down draft Throttle Body Injected   EFI, not to be confused, with a Carb. Look carefully.

MPI is a side draft Throttle body EFI. (Multi- Point Injected)

End Carb era , enter EFI , USA: (by EPA laws)
See my extensive list of EFI throttle bodies, here,  The TBI is complex and loves to mess up (leak air). 
(TBI/MPI 1989' to 1998)  A slide show @ above link.

Parts locator. This Table is the G16A 1.6Liter, 8 valve only  89-95 engines  All are TBI  EFI.  OBD1 USA:

1991 to 1995  TBI  Generation 2.

1989 / 90' TBI only  G16A, only Generation 1.
 Vacuum devices   
 Vacuum devices    
 Intake hoses  and PCV hoses
 All sensors M/T    

 Full  motor slide show (updated)

Real Engine  photo Throttle body exploded view.
The smog parts map.  See down Throttle body 89-95  Watch it Inject !
 Oxygen sensor   See intake manifold slide show.

92-95'  This section is for 16 Valve G16B engine , only. OBD1.  Calif. dropped the TBI engines above,  about 1994, by C.A.R.B laws.
The G16B Parts locator. OBD1 EFI  MPI was introduced in 1992 in the USA.
Gen1 MPI:
16 valve engine real photo (click red spinners)

16 valve vacuum  late 94/95' EGR Mono port.    This is the  early Quad EGR port induction "horror"    

16 valve sensors and an some coolant hoses.          The 16v ECT is here.

16 valve  Throttle body TB and TPS sensor    &  MAIN INDUCTION PARTS.

16 valve  MAF Sensor

16 valve  OXYGEN Sensor

Find under dash parts ?  (91-95?)  where is the ECU, the DRL (Daylight running lights,hacking), the  RWAL(rear wheel antilock brakes)?

Early Track-kicks , near the battery parts, relays and what not.  can be seen here.

96- 98  G16B,  Gen 2 MPI  16 valve parts locator:  OBD2 systems, USA laws made TBI obsolete (effectively)

1.6L vacuum 96-98 drawings and some coolant.       For full coolant routing see this.

  1.6L  Sensors a  real photo left side of block.

  1.6L  The EPA required HOOD vacuum routing sticker, with lash setting, spark gap and spark timing.

  1.6L ECU critical ground !  see red X

  1.6L  Intake bottom view, of water flow,  cheater photo ( unique)

See full  1996 G16 engine parts finder in  PDF,  click here.

In 1996 Suzuki moved many electrical parts.  Fuse box wiring, moved the fuel pump  and main relays, and extensive OBD2 mods.
EVAP 2 systems started I think, in 1996.5 , mid year. (yes, more complex and more parts to break)
In 1997 Suzuki moved the TCM  (tranny brain) into the confines of the ECU and renamed ECU to PCM. So, don't look for theTCM separate module.
The 1998 switched to full plastic main air pipes, no more metal pipe (alum.) and no more water heater there in said pipe.
16V Engine Rebuild photos 1997 have clear views of EFI induction/injection parts.

Engine or car  Identification methods using body tags, etc.  

For hard to find  or buying  parts ?, see here.

Engine or transmission or ? Swaps.

Other Engines: section.
1996 to 2004.
J20 2.0 Liter (or J18) I-4  DOHC engine chain drive CAM  parts views , CKP and CMP sensors !     Wiki?

H25 V6 2.5Liter V6  Parts ,  PDF    Wiki?

Suzuki Sidekick SE418 SPORT (wide frame)  J18 1.8L DOHC  FAQ.

The Dash parts, in the SPORT 1.8L J18 looks like this (USA LHD)

rev 16-    10.18-11  added dash parts finder, and 96' parts. (11-21-2014 new ID info, moved G16a/b ID data here then moved do identification page.)

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