No start but cranks – engine diagnosis page

The engine Cranks fast, but it does not start and stay running. Why guessing sucks? If your car is not cranking robustly, then go back here now (robustly? Is over 250 RPM) Preamble: BEGIN, “NO START” but cranks fast: The cause of NO Starts, are the same, on all gasoline engines from 1900 to today. … Read more

No spark – hints, diagnose, how to fix.

No spark? From 1989 to 2004 Suzuki Sidekicks, Trackers and Vitara’s See the no start page for a fast spark audit. Index: G16A, SOHC valve spark. Early 1989/90 G16B early (per 1996) G16B, SOHC 16v OBD2 (added CKP sensor ) 1996 and newer. All COP engines. V6 shown. also same for 2.0L I4’s and the 1.8L I4: All 1.8L … Read more

How to time the distributor G16A (8V)? (DIZZY)

How to time the distributor, ( aka: The Dizzy!) Suzuki Sidekicks or Geo Trackers VIN “U”, 1991 to 1995. 8 Valves TBI If your motor is a 16valve motor or Tracker VIN “6”. Jump to the 16v procedure page. The page is long, because is shows how to do this from a disassembled engine and … Read more

Why engine flooding?

Is your engine flooding? EFI ONLY Also known as, Over-fueling. (Can be, the under supply of air! at idle) A.k.a. My motor, is running way too rich or worse! See Jargon used here. Black exhaust cloud, or the CAT glowing red hot, or worse, the whole exhaust manifold glowing red hot? You smell the gas rich BLACK cloud? … Read more

1.8 liter Suzuki Sidekick SPORT Secrets [J18]

The Suzuki SideKick Sport 1.8Liter J18 chain drive cam DOHC engine, There are no J18 GEO trackers. The 4 speed transmisson checks are a tad different than the G16. 1996 to 1998 coverage only. The J18 is not a free running engine, like the G16. The Suzuki books on this “Sport” car are very limited. (just a … Read more

TPS testing and calibration, all Sidekicks and Trackers

The Throttle Position Sensor, or TPS testing (theory). TPS idle switch Calibration G16’s , J18/J20 engines. What is it, what does it do? (got symptoms?) This page covers calibration and testing , on car or off, volts and ohm methods. (all ways) The purpose of this page, is to save you $250 for a new sensor … Read more

How to time the distributor G16B (16V)? (DIZZY)

Suzuki Sidekicks & Geo Trackers, only 1992 to 1998. 16 valve or the Tracker VIN code “6” See the full distributor installation steps are here, if it was removed from the HEAD: If your motor is G16A, or 8 valves? Then, go back one page to find the 8v procedure. The page is long, because of … Read more

You think your ECU is bad?

All Suzuki ECU, and for sure the pre 1996 ECU’S LOVE TO FAIL. See TCM here (the 4sp tranny brain 91-96) In 1997 they moved the TCM in to the ECU , & now called, PCM. You are here because? Focus: 1989-1998 Suzuki Sidekick’s and Geo Tracker’s ECU Engine Controller Units Details and tests, in the USA. This … Read more