No spark – hints, diagnose, how to fix.

No spark? From 1989 to 2004 Suzuki Sidekicks, Trackers and Vitara’s See the no start page for a fast spark audit. Index: G16A, SOHC valve spark. Early 1989/90 G16B early (per 1996) G16B, SOHC 16v OBD2 (added CKP sensor ) 1996 and newer. All COP engines. V6 shown. also same for 2.0L I4’s and the 1.8L I4: All 1.8L … Read more

How to time the distributor G16A (8V)? (DIZZY)

How to time the distributor, ( aka: The Dizzy!) Suzuki Sidekicks or Geo Trackers VIN “U”, 1991 to 1995. 8 Valves TBI If your motor is a 16valve motor or Tracker VIN “6”. Jump to the 16v procedure page. The page is long, because is shows how to do this from a disassembled engine and … Read more

How to time the distributor G16B (16V)? (DIZZY)

Suzuki Sidekicks & Geo Trackers, only 1992 to 1998. 16 valve or the Tracker VIN code “6” See the full distributor installation steps are here, if it was removed from the HEAD: If your motor is G16A, or 8 valves? Then, go back one page to find the 8v procedure. The page is long, because of … Read more