The USA Tracker &  Sidekick         
Federal Mileage NAG LAMP PAGE  (CEL lamp or SES lamp stuck on all the time)
No, non-USA car, has this device. 
The Calif. cars don't have this  either. Calif. is a foreign country here. P.R. of California.
1989 to 1995 only !
Fast track?

Chapter 1: FED. NAG lamp. (the CEL lamp shares this function with the NAG)
The purpose of this NAG, is to check the CAT for damage running leaded fuel.
IT HAS NO PURPOSE, AT ALL TODAY! (I remove{defeat} all I see)
THE FEDERAL Nag lamp function:

I will use SES, CEL and MIL as equal names and meaning (service engine soon, check engine light and maintenance interval lamp)
Your mechanic calls it the MIL, (an SAE, ASE standard name)
I will use the word NAG to indicate the CEL is glowing for the Mileage NAG reasons.
The NAG gets into the way of doing service.

If you don't have an NAG lamp USA FEDERAL car,  then hit the home button above.

(some Canadians own these USA FED cars  too, so look at the hood sticker 1 more time.)
Five reasons to hit the back button.?
Proceed if:

First LOOK at the Odometer !
If the CEL LAMP started glowing at , 50k,80k repeats this pattern, then the NAG has activated.
 (this NAG function repeats forever, on those mileage mulitples !)
This single CEL lamp in the insturment cluster has 2 functions.  ( on USA Federal Sidekicks and Geo Trackers.)
It can be an engine failure (REAL DTC)  or the NAG.  If you can get flash codes, its not the NAG lighting up today.

The NAG  comes on while driving. (see lots of 0000 in the Odometer the instant the CEL started glowing, BINGO for NAG.
They both share the same CEL  light bulb in the dash, on these very early  OBD1, cars. Fed 89-95.

The NAG  ( trips at every 50k, 80k& 100k miles)

This is just a  USA Federal mandated Nag function. 
(Reset it and forget it, or unplug it, for ever !) < click to see it.

The hard question , is , what if both functions are in alarm.?  
NAG and CEL? both?

Yes, I do that and leave it unplugged for eternity.
Then, if the CEL still glows, the CEL is real and can blink codes out, with the jumper applied to the DLC.
Trick 1:
We learned is that sliding the switch in the dark , will reveal  that the lamp goes from
weak glow to bright glow.
Weak is NAG, Bright is both.
This means you have both functions ACTIVE. That is , both the NAG and a Pending DTC error.
I defeat mine, or just slide the switch until DTCs flash on demand. (to get 12s flashing)

Fast Track:
This is not  rocket science, the only hard part is finding the bloody switch.
Remove it, or find it and slide it. End story.

To reset the  NAG:   ( do this first, before you look for real ECU Diagnostic codes !)
Just slide  this switch one way each NAG event.  The Lamp goes out. ( forget the NAG for 30-50k more miles).

Finding this  silly  NAG switch is real pain ! And is the only real issues here.
HERE is the UNIFIED drawing for this switch.  LOOK HERE FIRST FOR THE NAG cancel switch.


The NAG Cancel switch location:  ( many places it can be, up to 3 places, GM and SUZUKI made at CAMI plant)
 Typical of all Federal 1989 to 1995 Sidekicks.
Some Nag switches can never be seen, only felt. like the one in the graphic below (91')

The FSM method of handing this is to unplug the C3 connector behind the Speedo. (see black connector in photo?)

Hackers delite: ( remove this function by simply unplugging the switch wires from the back of the speedo)

The EPA don't care, nor does the smog station, in fact they are CLUELESS about it.

Some just cut the wires and heat shrink these ends, in place or just unplug the silly thing. 
Some are easy to reach others are not.  (try to keep in mind you have not seen all 3 versions!! and varies by 8valve and 16v cars.! this location! )
The CEL will always work perfectly , forever.  ( glowing ONLY when something is really wrong).

Best practice is to unplug this switch from the rear of the Speedo Cluster, it has a lock on the plug, just spread the lock lever and remove it for ever.
Removing the switch forces the logic to act just like all other SideKicks and EFI Vitara's  world wide.

Consider this,  remove it so when the wife has a service issue (car dies out of town?) you, the husband don't get a $1000 bill just for finding the switch.   DANG !
Or consider,that no shop ,knows it exists, at all , nor how to reset the POS.
Consider having to buy a new $1700 ECU "Suzuki actual price new", just because you failed to defeat this POS. KILL IT.!
Piece of Snot.

THE BEST IS FOR LAST , the third hidding place for this stupid nag switch on YOUTUBE.

END NAG , malarkey.


Ver 22  , 
Edited:  3-3-13  (first was in 2007)