Air Conditioning in the way?  A/C parts       

When servicing the Timing belt, water pump or pulling a head , this issue comes up.  Even pulling the motor.

What to do:   IF you have Automatic  TRANNY? then  pull the 2 oil cooler lines, first and plug the hoses to the tranny.  (no drips? or wrap them with rags and tie off)

  • The A/C pump shares the P/S pump , so loosen the A/C compressor , bracket screw and lever the A/C pump inward with a 1 " dowel rod.
  • Off the A/C belt. Just off pulleys.
  • The A/C has condenser  out front, it has its own mounts , leave it ALONE, but do put cardboard between it and the motor radiator .  The condenser has nasty sheet metal screws that hit the rad core !
  • remove the 2 RAD hose.
  • Remove the petcock white valve screw if possible
  • Remove the RAD top 2 screws.
  • Remove the 4 RAD 10mm head bolts at the 4 corners of the shroud.
  • Remove the 4  water pump pulley NUTS 10mm at the fan base flange.
  •  (after , this is done release the Water Pump (WP) belt at the alternator slide adjustment bolt, using the same dowel rod lever the ALT , inward and off the belt.
  • Leave the A/C LINES ALONE.
  • Unbolt the A/C pump bracket at the head of removing head.
  • Remove the fan,  yes, it comes out now . to the drives right direction slide it, out.
  • Remove the shroud.
  • Remove the RADIATOR , being sure not to hit those condenser screws shafts, they are sharp.
  • I use a hardboard protector next to condensor to protect damage to Rad. as I take it out and put it back in.
That is it, for A/C entanglements and related parts.

PS:  Spin all bearings on all pumps and Alt, for looseness , excessive play or binding, listen to them too!

Below is my A/C main line (weak aluminum needs protection like this)
3 Bungee cords,  note how pump is held up out of way ? and the 2x2" by 36" wood brace?
Do not lean on the alum. pipe !  No evacutation necessary or desired. Ignore FSM on this issue.