Front wheel bearings

My Front Wheel bearings are, loose, bad,┬ánoisy, seized or the seals leak? USA Sidekicks and Trackers 1989-2012. (new coverage) If they feel loose or can be seen to move axially, they are bad! I will not cover: Removal, cleaning, repacking,, & etc. for early type of front wheel bearings. See hub evolution here. WARNING’S: Safety … Read more

[ALL] Servicing the front axle locking Hubs

My 1989-1998 Front 4wd Locking end axle Hubs dead or making odd noises. Starting in 1999 (up to 2005), we have an internal ring gear lock actuator and air pump, seen here. 89-98’contiued. My locking hub caps are stuck, or my locking hubs don’t lock or unlock. My 4wd Test page. My Hubs are clicking. … Read more