ALL U.S.A Manuals and documentation  sources:              
Mostly Free or cheap:  (all are USA/Canada English here. )     Don't forget, free videos.
Rule 1: there are no books that cover every country on earth, that is NOT going to happen.
 DIY  (Do It Yourselves) This 3 sources below , are my best  recommedation. (other than, buying matching year book of EBAY )
Mitchell's data, on line, (revised links 2015)  This first link even covers the Suzuki Sport with J18 engine!
All links below are for USA cars (or Canada) No place else, except this.

The  3 links in this group are all USA cars, and prices stated, are USA purchase prices!  If you are not HERE in U.S.A, and buying the wrong book (USA books on European cars?), you may notice excess  charges! (double unhappy!)
Mitchells:  (Has in my opinion the best online G16 Sidekick (Tracker) support.) but can be fussy about brower used.   If I walk in to my public library, I can look at, Mitchells all day for free...

Alldata , is good, but has near ZERO information on Suzuki J18 SPOPTS Sidekicks,  (for example zero info on tranmission and the TCM used in 1996)   ( do a google search for " and discount coupons,"  I see $9 codes, that do work (tried them I did))

Discounted Alldata. (1 choice for 1  month)  ( The seller has serious issues here, all codes, sold to me this week (x3) were dead. )

Chiltons on line is a joke. (A TOXIC MIX, JUST LIKE THEIR BOOKS)
Keep in mind, if savvy, you can capture every thing you see on screen. (for your private usage later)

This next link is to a real Suzuki FSM book sales , not clones, or wana be's (no mixing of 10 years cars, or worse  sport and non sport vehicle , like so many do)

Best price of all is here. (daily rents)!
The OEM Factory Service Manual ( FSM) or Operators guide is here, all the time at the PITSTOP. ($4 a day)

 Real FSM books are  sold used on ebay,
 The books sold in most car parts stores, are horrid. (they mix 10 years  of cars , in a thin book and mix engine and EFI  parts into a toxic soup ) (but do have great safety warnings... )

SCOPE : 1989 to 2004
The Free operators guides :
Do not use part time 4WD,  on   ice free pavement , but offroad is always OK.
These early  cars are not AWD, it is not full time ALL WHEEL DRIVE , it's a Part TIME, 4WD car, only (see newer cars that are here).

I  found and linked up,  the below books, so you can be as safe as possible.

Operators guides:
GM has all guides back to 1999 here. Click find your owners manual,  pick "Tracker 99 - 04" 

1994 Tracker 

1995 Sidekick

1998 Chev Tracker
2001 Tracker

SPEC book:
1994 Geo Tracker whole car factory specifcations. 30 pages.

Book mark this , page,  it has  no Suzuki support , yet,  but is a top spot, to look, for your OTHER CAR operators guides

Real Suzuki Parts Catalogs! BOOKS etc. ( the EPC seen sold on Ebay, is an  Electronics Parts Catalog, and runs on any PC , even Windows 8.1)   
Suzuki EPC:  (see related topic PARTS , origional   See my hard to find parts page here and real OEM parts, sources.)

Parts lists real are covered 3 ways, 
  •  in paper parts books from Suzuki (Ebay used )
  • or the EPC, the Electronics Parts Catalog.(software)
  •  Or just look online at Suzuki. (horrid quality, missing drawings and parts in stock not listed at all... horrid)
Here is an old GM Tracker parts book 89-98', .?but  (sadly)  no engine parts, just all other parts. However a great tool, to see what years parts are the same, in a 10 year span !

I'm only showing links from google searches. 

The EPC,   (hard to find but its OUT THERE).
On CD:
One  more : (you can do your own search on feabay, and find them)
Paper parts books:
The parts books are in hard copy too.( rare, but if patient, you will find one) EBAY.

Related as a book...
See my hard to find parts page here, for NEW Suzuki online links that work after Chapter 11.

The best way to find real suzuki parts is Google "trademotion Suzuki car parts"   see them all, many are "sorry closed" ,Trademotion does their web pages.

You can buy Tracker parts at the Suzuki parts counters, but you must lie and say it's Suzuki Sidekick.   Ditto same at GM.  GM online has improved lately.
Do not tell the Suzuki counter your GEO VIN number, they will act odd and funny, after all ,why are you here...are you lost,..  (they can be clueless) NO, you are not lost, you are only DESPERATE for new parts that FIT.

The real FSM, the Factory Service Manual:  
he Autostore books , Chilt...s and Hay..s and others like same,, are risky books, but are better than nothing and do have great warnings , within. We call them Rags or door stops.
The risk, is their penchant for mixing 10 years of parts and proceedures, in such a way, as they are dead wrong or dangerous to you , you car/engine and family.

  Do buy one (the Rag) as a backup to real books, and use it only for photos and drawings. (it has value, if used with great care...)
The FSM does't teach car repair basics or diagnosis well, It assumes you can do that, and then shows you how to work on THIS car.;This EXACT car and ENGINE.

The CDrom was not used much prior to the year 2000. Suzuki sure didn't use CDROM then, so there are no offical CDROM books.
The only scanned manuals are here.

The one REAL, on line  FSM is here,:  "Acks FAQ  is a  Full 1996 GEO TRACKER FSM  (hand scanned to PDF)

The best 2 books to own are the 95 and the 1996, FSM.  The 95 covers both engines !

More  AcksFAQ,  free books:

Public file services: ( old manuals, or from other countries)   

Samurai books.?

[ you MUST log in  and state year, make and motor. or things won't work right ,they have some documents and drawings on line.]  Lots of the drawing are mixed up, so don't be surpised, (I never shop here, the parts  (IMO) are RISKY)

MY SITE, hit the back button above  and search.  600 doc's on this site.

FREE: (well your property taxes pay for this source, so why not use it?)

Your public library has the E-SOURCE, CLICK ON AUTO REPAIR,   Many public libraries allow you to log in,  do so and see E-sources, BINGO !

More odd sources for books,  I can not recommend them, but are easy to bump into searching the internet.

Books for Cars dot com .

FleaBay $20 FSM's !     one of the best books here, for 91-95 Track-kicks is the "1995 Geo tracker FSM ", covers both Engine!.   

See  "Factory auto manuals dot com":  (huge selection even rare parts catalogs from suzuki)

Suzuki (never GM) made variant called the "SIDEKICK SPORT"  (1996 to 1998) ( a wide frame variant)
It has but one engine the J18, 1.8L DOHC engine, with no more Distributor.
Don't forget alldata and Mitchells.
The 1.8L Sport Suzuki (wide body) has only a very poor suppliment from Suzuki (1/4" thin)
 It does ,however cover EFI changes very well. (DTC error causes, etc)
The 2.0L engine (later years) has most of the same parts as any 1.8L (the 2.0 is stroked motor from 1.8 ,"a different. crank shaft (rod throws)")
They , Suzuki, expects you to use the 1.6L G16 book main FSM and then apply the above supplement manual. (96-98') (This idea, falls short of the mark !)
See my One Point Eight page, here.

Alternate Parts lists,  (Non USA)
The Russian Electronics Parts catalog

All comments above are pure opinion and may be jaded by damages caused by store bought car RAGs.  (Mine and 1000's of others too.)
See here, for some NEVER DO's

If you can't find something or need help ,  see the free FORUM or Email me.  Before buy parts, post a question first, and save lots of cash.

Parting shot:
Fixing cars is easy,  buying parts, for Suzuki and GEO, now that takes skill/luck  (chapter 11, etc). I do wish you luck finding good parts and books. I do hope my page, saves you lots of time and lots of hard earned cash.  Bless you all.!

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