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Wheel bearing confusion - how to repack a NEW bearing
Got a bad front wheel bearing on my 1998 Sport.

  Purchased a new National 517009 Bearing,       

  It LOOKS Sealed.  I know it's not, Can't be...   

  The one I'm pulling off is the original 3 piece,   2 bearings and a race,   Bearings out, race left to press out.

  New one is still 3 piece but the bearings have plastic ring on the outside. 

  I have the know how and decent press to replace it but..


  This isn't a unitized bearing, pre-greased and ready to go ,  can't be.
I think those are counterfeit bearings, i traced that makers code to China knock off BS company , 1 of 600 there, most are junk. and huge problem for the to 10 prime makers of bearings.
where do you buy them name or better source, not NAPA I BET.

[Image: meets-middle.jpg]

I guess I am having another 'Senior Moment'..  Beck Arnley 051-3962 Bearing  is what I have.  I have opened the box.

[Image: beck-arnley.jpg]

My main fear is that If this bearing is to have grease added that I get it apart and do so.   I can get it in no problem.    Yeah it's not a timken and there is no idea how long it will last but I don't want to shorten it's life by not properly prepping it.
bought where, must I beg?
I cry counterfeit bearings if true you trust your life (im 70yo retired at 62 early ,grin) and know counterfeits when I see them. for sure both sides of bearing and box rear, and what real store sold this crap.
They were $15 a piece  I wanted to have a spare on the shelf for that price and the 2nd one is more 'understandable' to me 

One is this new style like shown,  The other there a plastic ring inside that comes out and it DOES come apart so I CAN pack it 
and put it together.

I will attempt to contact the maker and see what they say.

Thank you.
Contacted FED MOGUL via their website.. Now I wait to see what they say.
the clues for Counterfeits are clear.
dirt cheap price, ($40-50) is par.
not $15
that code on top QJZ is know maker of junk bearings sure cheap, need worse can do .... even $2

you never once told the sellers name or there URL store pages? why?
this is not ebay crap is it?
most that junk on ebay (unless extra careful) is super dangerous to run in such a very very critical place , front wheel bearings.

funny looking box, for sure rear side graphics onbox looks faked and is.
china bad, Taiwan good.
yes China has Timken plant and is good, but most of the 600 bearing plants there make JUNK. ok?
Yep.. made in China..    For $15 I'll give it a shot.  I travel about 100 miles a day commute and errands so we'll see how long they last.

I'll be taking them to the machine shop to get them pressed.    I'm getting 'sheepish" in my old age. I tried 'em on my 12ton press and I 
didn't like the way they were fighting me so I gave up.  Let someone more experienced than me tackle this.
most folks tow car to shop and point (tow plus job is $300?) IDK.$
others take both hubs off and (after all we replace brakes both same time and bearing too if savvy) to a shop that does bearing loads and point and ask them to replace them, both. with quality bearings. $150 job.?
others buy counterfeit bearings off stinking ebay crap, and ask shop to press them in. (ymmv ,etc)
others do it all at home, every step using quality top branded parts from real stores that sell quality autoparts not trash parts. (there is no limit today on buying junk it's everywhere now, using ebay or the like) even a bigger press !

your call, your life.

BTW: the hubs are NOW SUPER RARE to buy, ACdelco on other stopped production and suzuki wants next unborn child as payment $600 + and up)<<< this means if you bearing seize the hubs are wrecked.(aka a spun bearing, damaged)
the other big question what grease did National bearing use inside that bearing, hope springs eternal.
if buying grease and not from the Aircraft shop, (yes EPA here wrecked our car grease !) use mobile1 syn grease only.
My boat, i tired 5 top brands of grease on the axle bearings (Timken) and all 5 failed, in just 1 summer. all turned to OIL and ran out "Damn"!, THANKS to the Freak'n EPA .
that is new wheels, new hubs and hand picked bearing by me, all things here new. (overhauled)
Mobile one still holding..


on topic of you use real bearings, you will need real grease too.. so I covered this. (if really paranoid,(wise here) you can buy Aircraft grease., it works at all temperatures, and any altitude , SR71? BlackBird?))

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