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the suzuki has 2 idle controllers 16v
you can call it anything, infact suzuki changed names 4 times,
in this year, its a ISC, the IAC is mounted below the the TB throttle body and is only open below 150F temps. ( so must be closed all times hot)
what was the RPM pinched. i need this vital fact.

in hand , does the valve move freely.
does it close(it defaults to closed) can you blow on the air nipple, they leak a vary tiny bit.
the valve as it ages, (200 cycles per second for 20 years ,the rubber ring seat will be beat to death. and leak real bad. or just stick. and not close 100% I clean mine first.


moves fully end to end, the valve. (inside)
closes, naturally in hand, and don't leak too much.
and opens 100 % with 12vdc applied to the 2 pins, (try both ways)

if it can close, the ECU will in fact be able to drop RPM to 400 RPM
if not? you have leaks.
there are 4 leak paths, that you can control.
and may non normal paths. gaskets ,injector cushions,etc.

if the pinch RPM (isc) is way low , 400 rpm or so.
then the engine is leak free.(mostly)
if you then unplug the ISC electric connector (dont force it , it has locks, and the connectors are NOT SOLD)
if you unplug it , and rpm dont go to 400 as it did above,!! that means the ISC is bad.,dirty,seat worn or someone fiiddled the 5mm hex allen screw on the end, (un screwed is leaking more)

it is a fact that i have adjusted my ISC 5mm hex.
what i do is get it to just barely seat.(just lightly closed) by eye.
here is the guts, that's right i dismantle the hopeless. for fact gathering.
on the far right is the steel seat the rubber ring is hard to see, that is vulcanized to same.
[Image: IAC-exploded2w.jpg]

kids do not do this at home,, LOL !

and last
the sound of a happy ISC,
you can hear it seat loudly.


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