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P0113 code
Howdy All.
got a "service eng soon" light- got out the OBDII and came up with code P0113,intake air temp sensor 1 circuit high- what should i do about this one?
Had to get to work so didn't do anything yet. Get part & Just replace it? where is it located? I have a 1998 Chevy tracker 4x4,4Dr 98K miles
Just was going to take it in for State Inspection too this wknd. Insp is up end of Oct. What a bummer.
Thanks for any assistance 98TrackerMan
the IAT is unplugged, at the air cleaner. base box. G16, the J18 sport engine, is on lid of air cleaner box. both engine in same 6 sq-in domain.

most times, last air cleaner swap, makes this connector fall off. or was removed and forgotten.
this is the lest important sensor. it only does fine , adjustments to maf readings already temperature corrected.
see air clean , back side is IAT , in rubber grommet
Just cked in, Ok I'll check it out. was at the ur website in A.M. and couldn't peruse because of time, so to the Forum I went- never disappointed here!
As always thanks for your help. Have a Great wknd!
you to, and glad to help you.!

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