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Oil Light Blinking
93 geo tracker 8valve 2wd 2dr
oil light blinking help me out I know the oil sending unit is under the pan
where is the sensor sending info to light to test sensor
there is only one. not 2.
the oil sender in on the left side of the block, dead center, at the main Oil gallery

1: wire fell off to it and is hitting frame.?
2: sender bad.
3: oil pressure is bad.
4: old engine running 0w oil, dont!

here i am, new block. step one, i get 50 psi, crankiing with no fuel in car. no spark.
sender out, gauge in.
[Image: pressure-good.jpg]

if pressure is 0 , or near , kiss of rod #4, just like this motor, when i got it.
thanks it was lose wire from connector crimped on new fitting spliced in some wire all is well
thank you
Thanks to you for sharing that pic i am very excited to see that you have lot of knowledge about it so if any body wants to share any information about it then please share me buddy in according to me it has made of aluminium am i right dude??????????????????SmileSmile
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you can just buy a ton of scrap aluminum from the Costa Concordia salvage. cheap, make a party boat and name it ofter the crazy captain,.
RIP the 32.

such a deal.

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