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New Maf
yes, some shops have a heart.
at many , they can not returned to stock , electrical parts to stock , once used!
so, some shops, make a simple black box. with $3 in parts 3 wires. (can draw a schematic , in 5min) but is just 2 parts inside, make
can emulate 3 parts, MAP/ MAF and TPS.
We connect it, and satisfy the ECU, if the rich condition goes away, then we know the MAF is bad.
sure beats , throwing $300 bills at it.... or charging a customers a huge fee for a part not needed.
in your case we dial up 2v, at idle. if AFR is normal (and goes to closed loop) if it hits closed loop ,we know the MAF was bad. just at idle. IF not, there are multi-failures.

As these car age, finding good used MAF, will be harder and harder to find, in fact , consider finding a 2nd good one, I would. Like an insurance policy, and may rise in value with age. (shelved)
Hi Gorkyb do you think thats the real deal? It says 1.6 sohc naturally aspirated engine. Do you know if they are the same. Or maybe a misprint. It sure looks like it.
id ask them.... IMO
there are no 1.6L TBI mafs , all sidekicks with mafs are the same 58B. uSA.

is it a real Suzuki part. not a clone, the real ones are all marked 58B00 (in usa , outside they have VAFs 57B00 and are no good)
then do you the seller guarantee no DOA for 1 day test? and can send back in 10 days or less, I laugh at 3 days, sorry no can do that. 3 day ship back?
and does it work. did you the seller test it. ?
this is very clear, 13800 means MAF, 58B00 fits all usa 92-98 , the other numbers are Mitsubishi.
13800-58B00 7410033

becareful off starting a bidding war. and hit $100 easy.

i cover them up to 2005
Thanks Fixkick, Your right and I'm in enough insufferable maf issues at the moment.

i'd try to find used one, I would.
I just found out that some some guy I know had just got a tracker this past week. I got in touch with him and after a little tracker talk, I asked him if I could try out his maf sensor. Well my tracker ran so sweet with that original maf off a 97. The ponies lost while in limphome were all back in the stable. I want a real maf sensor.
WAY to go, barrow one..... I'm sorry china got you . nice buddy to loan it too.. .very nice.
Yes, that was very cool of him. I'm going to give him a hand with his. His Tracker has a couple of trouble codes but at least can hookup scanner. He has the infamous po400 and he has one that I'm not to sure what it's about. po740 - something about TCC ???
7xx is transmission, tcc is torque converter clutch lockup failure. 400s is egr fail, (or just the test parts failing, not EGR actual)
many folks ignore 400s, in non smog test regions. but if car runs bad, and wont idle right , (too low idle, or stalls) then it must be fixed.
if in a smog test region, the 400s means (most times) you will fail for too high NOX, a nasty gas that makes acid rain. etc.... nitros oxides.
if he desires to make 400 work good. do the stall test first.
96+ is here
Your other site got me through a po 400 on Sidekick I used to have and I forget the OBD1 code but the equivelant OBD1 code on Tracker FOR EGR

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