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motor to rebuild
I have a 1988 suzuski sam motor thats 8 value block id number324cm, I do have the vin as well, I want to re build this motor and put it in a 1994 side kick 8 value will it work r they compatible ?
welcome, speedy
it is not a direct fit. see how they do this the other way, G16 to G13 sammy drive line, same issues.
yes 1324cc (g13)
hope we can help you.
1988 suzuskisam?
88 Samurai?
mostly Sammi owners up grade to G16s from sidekicks and trackers.
putting a carb engine in a sidekick body?

the engines in sidekick is G16
the sammi world wide had 8 different engines,
in usa the G10s and G13 carb engine, then later, sept,1991 the EFI TBI engine.

here is the smoking gun
here is the sammi up grade kit, very common (opposite of your direction)
so shows you why it wont go, either way. at bell.

[Image: 1.6l_engine_adapter_kit_samurai.jpg]


i dont think this works backwards this plate, G13 to G16 driveline , but id ask them.
as you can see ,the 2 transmissions dont match at BELL. nor mounts
the sammi is only 60hp
compared to G16s 80hp or 95hp.
the sidekick ways more,
you'd need to move the sammi harness to the kick
or build one from scratch
the serious issue is getting the transmission pilot shaft dead center,or all hell is to be paid.

my friends sammi

its not 100% restored.
just stock with webers.

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