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how to communicate Kia Pride 20pin Diagnustig connector
hi again Dear fixkick
Excuse me i have not time do to test yet

But i Find Processor model of this model ecu of on picture here
[Image: xy6m46qllnmz13ngj_s.jpg]

But i dont find Datasheet for this micro control . Do you know ?
this can to help for know protocol ? or this is depended customize software?
all that is contract parts
all 100% a secret.
i bet you cant read the rom either. (no dis-assembly (op codes & data)
Dear fixkick . i Do connect Directly TX pin on FT232rl to pin19 on diagnostics connector . And Ground to ground pin Connector , Run hi scan pro Software and open kia pride section . But not work and no answer from ECU
i have question . Do I need it ØŒThis Diagram Connect to FT232RL ?
[Image: x67fw7vimtce13vzrzr9f_s.jpg]
there are no kia documents. for this. zero
the only way , lacking that.
is to rent a working scan tool
then scope the pins, while using this tool. to see all signalling , going on at the DLC.
there is no other way, besides blind luck,
you have to guess. ?
what pins?
what levels on all pins? or even if the signals are INVERTED !
what signaling rate (baud)
what hand shake (pins, or delays or both)?
then the command sets.? (and its unknown constructs, even embedded check sum codes, or worse, CRC codes)
then the response meanings , scalings.. OBD1 is not scaled in , physics, like pressure , temperature, , its done in volts. (and you need the scaling rules)
impossible..... to guess all that, at one time.

why try?

rent at tool and see what the real tool does. there is no other way
besides pulling the code out of the ECU and reverse engineering all that (a man years work)
you are trying the impossible, many have and may failed.
i do hope im wrong, but .... .facts are facts.

the answer is not here, we dont even have this car here.
if there is and answer, its most likely on a Korean forum.... in there language or close Japanese)

your device is a typical serial. bi-direction interface.
i see you run the LM339 on 12 to 15vdc (vcc is ok at 12) but not pin 14.
that can damage many ECU. on its receive lines.
you need to limit that so the drive (339>ecu p14) signal can not exceed TTL VOH, 4v.
the 339 outputs are open drain.
R2 is the pull up to 12-15v. that is unsafe.
the pull up needs to go to 5v. max.
id not exceed , TTL levels into any ECU (comm ports)

here is the old year 2000?
device that runs our ECU, here.
note how the drive can not exceed 5v. via a 10,000 ohm resistor (this is for very very old laptops. with real R232 ports , now gone byebye)

most pins on a typical ECU are input protected with large series resistors.
but not all.
and on the COMM lines, i bet not. seen many that are not protected from shorts to battery in car, 12-15v....
its only to be connected to a computer.
using TTL rules.
No even protected from REAL EIA- RS232 (-12 and +12v signal swings as see on main frame computers. and IBM PC from 1981 to about year 2000 when these ports were deleted. These levels were for MODEMS and terminals and printers only then)
and are good,(USB now or wireless)
The reason they (kia) used TTL232 is because they can buy dirt cheap UARTS that work. then they add custom level drivers . all unique to KIA,and all SECRET.
Excuse me for My English is bad
i know there is not have this model Care
But I See This Software http://cascade.fishpondstudios.com/ this here say hi scan pro Cascade work on Hyundai and kia supports K/L and K+CAN 1.4 interfaces with an FTDI serial-to-USB converter chip.
i do download this Software and see Room File kia General /Pride Section .i thinked this software will work on my care .Then start building Make interface . also when select on hi scan Cascade kia general/Pride 1998/1999 years model and inter . Reaction pin TX on the FT232RL 5Volt to 0 Volt also
winking Break red Color on the software (Please see Semicircular Red color on picture)
About Break on general site Manual : “break” is on when an ISO-9141 “slow init” or ISO-14230 “fast init” is performed, that is when the diagnostic software attempts to establish a connection with an ECU via K line.

- Also Baud rate is 10400
[Image: xs9ksrrmx5684j32vyaaa_s.jpg]
Also i asked Many Forum : Example


( this Forum MR:airkix72 tell me pin19 connect to DTR pin FT232RL . I was But not Work )

Also i Send email To Ulrich Hecht publisher hi scan cascade . But no answer my email
If possible you Can download Hi scan cascade and test TX pin on FT232rl with Voltmeter
sorry for the confusions, but this is one of the most complex tops on cars, due TO WORLD USAGE VARIANCES !! countries, Laws, smog laws, and other laws. DOT?
why are you reading USA web pages about, non USA cars, (yes, Google is stupid it don't know a thing about cars)
why not read the cascade page?
What vehicles can be diagnosed?
it says, under what is CASCADE?:
"CASCADE generally supports all vehicles that allow diagnosis via K/L or CAN bus.
The support for specific models depends on the diagnostic software being used.
The Hi-Scan Pro software releases support Hyundai or Kia vehicles sold on the American market from model year 1990 up to about 2007; for Carman Scan I software, the manufacturer provides a vehicle coverage list; it supports virtually all makes and models of vehicles, up to about model year 2010." (at $700 to $3000 USD)!

sold on the American market (yours is NOT)
Canada here went to OBD2 in 1998. but again, your car is not Canadian, not in the least.
here is better page to read off my OBD1 page

OBD2 list

Your car is not USA car, our cars have OBD2 EPA regulations this year, that are not used, in your country.
there web site is very poor (like mine)
but mine says USA cars only. at the top for real good reasons
EFI system very the world over. by laws or in some countries, what is the cheapest EFI to put on the car, EVER SEEN JDM setups. (grossly limited)
you keep reading USA web pages, why are you doing that.....
i know its the www, and most pages are for the country hosting said pages,
then you quote UK, they have there own cars EFI aND LAWS. UNLIKE YOURS. TOTALLY.

The first expert there complains that why not post your cars location or better the MARKET CODES>
all cars are build to a MARKET, why not say so, and on forums , say so, I know nobody does,. ever.
and all answers go side ways. for that #1 reason.
if you read 1million posts on cars you see the profound ignorance, that the person posting thanks all cars are the same with same silly name on the side of care.
sorry but those are facts.
even the expert there, is ignorant.
"Now I am really confused, I checked my data base for a festiva of this era, it has an OBD2 plugin. Is this your car."
totally fails, that, he's never left the USA like me, ive traveled all over the PAC RIM. (navy then later at Phillips semi for for our plants)
I pay attention this this. (have the factory books too)
some cars are OBD2 (1/2) with ODD connector that adapts it to fit USA OBD2 scan tools (OBD2 is a usa invention and is our laws, other have copied it or extended it but its all ours)
if you find OBD2 outside USA that means they had the ECUs; cheaper and used them. end story, or added queer connectors
the 16pin is USA spec. lacking 16p D shell means its not a USA spec. car. at all.

more (we still have zero facts) but this.
what car?., A KIA Pride. Kia Pride 1.3 Liter 4 Cylinder (tells me zero , but the engine displacement0
"Located in Iran"ok good. I've no idea in the world what import laws regulate cars in IRAN. (my wild guess, is you can run any car there, but that is speculative! on my part)

what year car?" in iran between 2002 ~ 2004 " (the car has body tags tell in the year its made, all cars do. so?????????????????????

where made:
"in Europa Between 1995 ~ 1998 i Think" (again all cars have the market code and the manufactured date clearly marked on the body tags) (look everywhere)
best is to know, not guess.... in all cases working on cars and 10x that for EFI.

located in what country. this car.? in Iran
." Because I'm living in Iran .But this car Copy From Ford festiva . i Think "
im not sure what ford has to do with a kia. ???

if the car is made in EUROPE, (the tags tell you that)
and is with a body tag showing its for EUROPEAN market (IS IT?) then talk only to forum people and tool makers from EUROPE.
The way to do that is say Kia pride , xxxx year for zzzz market , made on data. mm/yy and marketed to say, Russia. (wild guess)
and get good answers. no guessing above. otherwise all answers will be wrong, for sure mine.

see? asking someone far away about a car that does not exist at the helper country is fruitless. (in most cases, even on BATAUTO, is wrong answers there , all over)

ours cars are different
as are all other countries cars.
by law.
and where laws dont exists? (then that is worse,because the car can be from Anywhere on earth or marketed to any country on earth.) (wow, now that is IMPOSSIBLE)
up here, those are called "gray market cars", (illegal in the USA , since smog law 1 in the 70's)

we still dont know what car you have.
unless you photo ever tag on the car. and post them.
chassis tags, body tags, door jam tags, hood tags, fire wall tags.
that is the only way to find the truth. if possible at all.

"In most of the world, OBD-II was mandatory in 1996" (lies) totally bs)
in the link above., the guy says that....

OBD2 is a law only in the uSA in 1996 (ONLY)
the world didnt all go GASP, gee lets all copy the USA in 1996, sorry that did not happen.

OBD has a history, covered in SAE.org here. (we started OBD back in
and the world did what they wanted,
some even copied ours and did a SUPER SET, called, EOBD. (EU did that) copied ours and added to it.
and others have even in 2006, (but is not our spec, not at all;, some use the wrong connector, and with that missing its not OBD2 at all.
but can work, if you correct that silly error of there;s
its silly why copy a spec, and delete the most important part
all scan tools here just plug in , and work here, no adapters needed, and is the LAW here.

so far all we know is zero
in 21 post

this car has page, and when one reads it , the brain hurts
wow an abomination.


and this.....

"SAIPA built the Kia Pride in Iran under license using up to 85 percent local parts as the "SAIPA Pride" from 2001 to 2005. Since 2003, a new five-door liftback model based on the Pride called the "SAIPA 141" has been produced, while continuing to sell the Iranian version of the Pride under the names "SAIPA Saba GLXi" (four-door sedan), "SAIPA Nasim Safari" (five-door wagon) and "SAIPA Nasim DMi" (five-door hatchback). Compared to the these versions, the SAIPA 141 features revised rear styling with a longer liftback tail, and different interior design. "

join a SAIPA forum??????

wow complex mix of parts , the likes of which never seen by me...... almost as bad as GEO's

post all body tags

These cars are made in many factories and are made for many countries.
we have zero inputs from you on these facts
nor tag photos posted.

OBD started here in 1988,for the 1990 year. here.
suzuki started early in 1989
that is a fact. and the specification did not call for private or shop tools.AT all.
in fact each car needed its own tool then. (there are cars in the 1980s here, like GM that have OBD like communications, but is not government regulated then,)
in 1996 the tool was GOV specified. here and only here.
fast forward to 2015.

there are tools that can do many ODB1 , OBD2, EOBD , JOBD, cars. and are expensive.
there are no tools on EARTH that can do that for all countries.!!!
if you could , you'd be a billion air over night.
i promise.
but not one can help you lacking what car you drive, so far only ECU photo shown.
oh my good
Dear friend .
you answer me very Full . I did not think this is very hard
About Vin number on tag . Because the Body Make From Saipa . Vin Number on body tag is not standard

i think . only Have a way . Go to Scan tools maker .
Thank you For help me in short time
Good luck
yes, and your scan maker said it does only usa cars, did you not read that.? (even the $4000 one may fail also)
tell them is a Saipa. car. and they well just blush. huh. why ask us.
that wiki pages, explains the complexities in brief, why the car is so hard to understand, a wild mix of parts. used. ( reads like a bad dream)

Id ask Saipa what is there. or join a forum of owners of Saipa's. '
They sure dont know, below, this is USA company, i have 3 of there tools, one of my best....

you assumed the high end scan tool works in your posts. but you never saw it work, right?, just because a tools book says is works,, does not mean it will work in all markets , not ever. !

if you read the wiki that is clear as day due to the vast EFI variances and engines used on the PRIDE.
Iran did not rule OBD , until 2012. so that means your car does what ever SAIPA wanted... what ever is the most cheap, even no OBD at all. is possible
or runs secret protocol only factory tools use. (these last to are dead horse to beat. zero changes)

ask here yet, kia forums , tell them , the car is Iran kia Saipa Pride.
my guess is they go Huh?


the internet is devoid of older car Saipa facts... a very obscure car..... it seems.
id buy the factory service manual and read the ECU pages..,.. see if there are hints as to what's IN THE BOX. (communications wise).

and one more fact
each tool maker states what market they support EU or USA. (you keep reading USA and EU pages, why?) why look in the wrong country?
The makers of tools all say , it might work in other markets, (is small truth) and don't know, how could they?
we can not test all 1billion cars running on earth.
might be 100,000 different ECU/PCM EFI systems, and gas and diesel. in the WILD, (no body knows, it's mind bending complex)
no scan tool on earth does that. not one.
most have never seen or even heard the word SAIPA. ever. much less ponder what's in the box.

good luck in your search.
i tied to get DRB working a 88 Jeep, (French Renix EFI) and failed. first Jeep EFI ever... too...

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