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GREAT crank snout seal protector.....
OK i used my new unused SMART PHONE SCREEN PROTECTOR!!
I greased (with synthetic grease) the insides of the seal, and then rolled the screen protector inside the seal, then inserted the whole shebang onto the snout with the protector all the way inside the cover, PAST the lip, then the seal literally PUSHED into the cavity using hand force. I then used a tool i made from a PVC drain pipe to pound/press it the rest of the way FLUSH.
little smurf mobile is up and running great...no leeks and no noises.... whew!!
that is real smart, i have lots of those about, thin and tough.
thanks for that trick!
glad its purring again.
new timing belt (gates) and tensioner from NAPA and the CAM seal was brittle too, glad i pulled the thing and replaced it.
I won't say how i got the cam bolt out and re-installed it without "locking" the cam hahahahahah, but let me say i'm no novice to torque and air guns.
the crank bolt is 94 FT LBS with the torque wrench, 5 speed in 5th works great!!!
ran the valves the 2 step way...used the go/no go method and now we'll see ho she sounds in the morning... 8-12 inches of snow here .. yucck
Happy thanksgiving to you and yours and THANKS for the wonderful informative website....
yes the cam nut on 8v , is drift pin to lock it, and a pro with impact gun ( a good gun) can do it easy.
the 16v use the allen head, plug with allen wrench to lock the cam spokes. easy 10mm? IIRC?

hope yours runs good soon, its a fun car in snow, '

mp4 (need player that can view it,

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