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Fuel traces in EGR Valve.
THanks alot for the quick reply! Big Grin

Is engine compression reading good 150PSI x 4... (10.4 Bar or ,1040 KPa.)?
- seems so. I'll make another test but the last one (3months ago) were in specs.

Is spark timing correct?
- still have to check this.

is the injector cleaned ? (remove and cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner? , if fuel was bad or rust this injector will fouled up)?
- I already checked the injector for leaking...no fuel until engine starts, no dripping after it stops.
Previously I replaced the fuel tank (cause of rust) with a brand new one, same for fuel filter and fuel pump.
After that I cleaned the TB and injector with TB cleaner and used a bottle of injector cleaner (additive) in fuel tank.
What I need to do now is take the injector to someone who cleans it with ultrasonic cleaner...but, looking how it sprays seems ok.

Is fuel pressure at SPEC?
- still need the pressure gauge to test it (i'll buy it asap) but this is the fuel pump currently installed: https://www.autopartspro.co.uk/ashika-7998817
I replaced the bad FPR with a working one (no fuel leaks from vacuum hose)

Does the ECu flash code 12 (good) on demand? 'Diagnostic jumper clip/wire"
- Yes

Does misfire get better or end with 02 (lambda) sensor is unplugged,? oxygen sensor)
- Must check this

When the TB was removed was the TV throttle valve closed 99.9% (.0005 gap. 0.125 Millimeters, aprox. so close water fails to pass? the gap)
- Yes

Another thing is the exhaust smell...seems like smelling of fuel...just checked all 4 sparks and they are clear and dry,,,
Just another question: how must I set the air bleed crew? I really dunno if the previous owner moved it or not :/
yes that bleed screw is hard to set , what it does is put the ISC valve in the center of its duty cycle range.  50% at 800 rpm (=/- 50rpm) hot engine,  if idle speeds are ok best is not mess with the bleed.
if misfire causes too low RPM , best find cause of MISFIRE< but below say 600 RPM is very bad, and engine will misfire that slow. (unscrew the bleed., count your turns so later can put the back)

the rich fuel is a problem a big problem.
your compression is good, BAR is in Europe , over there no such thing as pounds,( UK pounds currency they say? LOL)
must find rich cause,  (02 sensor stuck at 0v or any exhaust leaks near that suck air will do that (cracks or gaskets leaking there)
id say its not the injector if it dont stick inside,
the FPR would be the only thing causing bad high fuel pressure, if it fails and PSI goes to  60PSI fuel pressure the engine wants to flood bad. black smoke city.
the #1 failure on this car is cam belt slip, and then you see spark way the hell of timing, and scratch head.
The next is sensors bad,  02, bad,  ECT not reading 300 ohms hot and is higher than that by large amount say 1000 ohms it will go rich and ECU things engine is cold and is not.
180f or more is hot, and we check that first, it must get to 180f and the ect reads 300 ohms (detached at its plug)
IAT  if shows cold lies, but is really hot air , causes rich too.
the hard part of misfire is , is it caused by rich fuel fueling, or as simply the  result of bad spark or late timing.?
map sensor bad or hose to hit clogged and vacuum can not reach it but maps never fails but clogs l sure easy.
good luck in your quests and CHEERS !

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