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Duane does it again, wiring!
God bless Duane and his videos.!
just the 1 chapter.

here is Duane poor link to Jorge docs. (exactly)!

see my fav. duane vids.

more of my fav. videos

don't let his fancy tools scare you.
you can in fact, use cheap consumer tools with great results.
$20 DMM
$50 scan tool.
or $100 O-scopes.
Harbor Fright tools (pun) (us use them as backups. or as basis to make a better tool)

i think its a training aid. as Suzuki uses their OWN color codes, except on the Radio , it uses a radio standard, at about 1994?

but Duane is correct, the colors are Key and #1
Key to tracing a wire,. to knowing what it does, and the most important of all, is identifying parts , hidden in engine bay and under dash.
EG: What is this device, use the schematic for your car, see the color and identify the part every time.

A real FSM does better, it shows the whole harness 3 or 4 ways and all parts connected, even splices ! ; Nothing beats and FSM.

FSM go for $15 on ebay. or near. see my books page for links to same.

i found the free version of Jorge's books here. and others.


the best way to learn electrics is to learn electronics.
do that with kits. buy a kit, and make it work then break it and fix it.
no better way,
you can also buy software that makes a virtual kit. A graphic computer program "a model", that allows you to build something, then, test it with virtual meters,. etc.
after learning basic electrics, lamps relays are all easy, , then learn how the output transistors work in an ECU.
One thing for sure, build a transistor, that drives a relay (we used to have bread boards) but build it then short the relay coil and watch the transistor burn up. no better way to learn and respect and ECU and why you never hot wire one.

see said experiment here. what happens when the diode shorts.? it lets the SMOKE out.
learn how the idle speed controller works, or the injectors. pick a topic and learn that.

on newer cars, very new, the transistors can shut down , on overload.
that is my contribution today.

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