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convertible top info
I bought a used top, that is in pretty good shape, I have some loose seams that need to be reglued. the seam that I am talking about is on the inside rear of the back seat area, passenger side. it is almost the length of the whole top from mounting bar to mounting bar. It was glued from the factory, as the other side is still in great glued condition. I am sure I will have to remove it to make a good glue seam. that or i can use everyones favorite duct tape. hahaha
Also there are some small cracks in the rear window area, that need some attention. I was wondering if there were any tricks to seal those up. is clear tape a good option or is there a sealent, like silicon that will last and remain flexible. couldnt get pic to load, but it is no bigger than a quarter 25 cents

here is seam pic
1996 geo tracker cami vin# 2CNBE1867T693XXXX 2wd 5sp
there is lots of tension on tops.
id take it to a local , upholstery shop, if the material is not rotted, you can patch anything.

there are many brand tops too, and each can vary by design and techniques.
mine are all sewn,

show a photo for better answers.... (hopefully)

best regards.

PS: IF in Dallas, find Dragon lady, as seen on Monkey Garage. (fast and loud) see will fix you up.

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