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'98 16v timing problem
how to wreck a crank pulley in one easy try.
set the alternator belt or (P/S - A/C) belt tension using a 10 foot breaker bar.
now each turn of the pulley the rubber flexs. (800 times a minute at idle. 3000 at cruise ) ouch.
in a short time, it shears.then slips. motor dont care, only the mech, cares when he does ignition timing. (or at Dizzy drop )

PO's love to do that. it seems.

belt spec is in fsm (off my belt page)
A/C P/S belt is 96-98 '0.24 to 0.35" inches deflection. Same 22 lbs force. [89/90' 0.31"-0.47"] { 91-95 0.20-.25"}
Ok. Hopefully I'll have some time to work on it after work tomorrow.

Need to get this running in my samurai so I can stop driving the gas guzzler that I'm driving right meow.

I do have underdrive aluminum pulley I was planning to put on but since it is a lot lighter, I'm a bit worried it might cause damage since the oem one is so heavy and rubber filled. Hmmmmm....decisions.
The timing is still showing to the right of "0" and the disty has to be all the way right. Even after doing everything that was said to do. I pulled out a spare 16v cam & sprocket and that "tit" is there, but no markings on the gear.

My scan gauge 2 is showing 8 degrees timing at idle so something is right and something is wrong.

Also the crank pulley isn't sheared and the v notch aligns with 0 just fine.


I think I got it. I went back to gorkys first pic posted and did my best looking at my disty rotor at the same angle his pic was. Think I was a tooth off on the disty. Got to go to an eye appointment and hopefully be back in a couple hours.

Man if this is it, then I've been running it wrong for the past 4 years. This sucks. Who knows what the engine has had to endure this whole time. Feel like a wasted a bunch of money rebuilding it. Probably took off 50k miles of its life.
Don't feel bad, timing these distributors is trickier than one might think, it costed me 2 months of my car not starting because I was doing it wrong. I'm glad you got it right and that the picture helped somehow.

1996 Geo Tracker, CAMI, 16 valve, 5sp, 4x4, soft top, 2 door, no a/c
so all marks are 100% perfect, but the rotor is way off the mark that is at 0 TDC #1 firing the rotor at 1pm is not perfectly aligned with the CAP?
it can be off . sure
the the rotor is a DASH (brass contact)
the post on the cap is like 1/2 that a round 1/8" pin, and only needs to be in the range of the rotor dash contract arch, at -5Degrees.BTDC.
if in the base stops then move 1 tooth the other way.
now you can hit the 5Degrees before.

5 degrees at crank is only 2.5degrees at cam , very tiny and same at dizzy.
Why is that gear manufacturd like that? Is it used in other motors. I've seen situation where timing marks could be confused on another type vehicle years ago, maybe Bmw or Subarooooo.
great question
the cam cog, or the dizzy base gear?
this belt cog wheel (on cam), imagine saving the not making a new dedicated cog wheel , and not stocking it world wide. vast savings...?

the fsm , under tbelt and under cam show both E marks, page 15 and 23

the new belts come with a single install sheet, and fail to mention any of this. (1 sheet rule, cause this?)
The FSM really is not optional.

the 96 16v cog fits this car too.
see proof , this link is on my tbelt page. I cross checked the Cog P/N. -53Bxx coded.
used as far back as G13K DOHC in 1988 on a Cultus ,below is swift.
[Image: DOHC.jpg]

now ill answer the dizzy question. "gear"
the MFG . assumes the car has all stock parts and that: (dizzy install prerequisites)
1: the all cogs (wheels) are timed per the fsm , E marks. and outer index marks.
2: the tbelt is not indexed wrong. "install error"
3: the crank cog key is not sheared (vast numbers succumb to this)
4: the cam key is not sheared.
5: the dizzy rotor is not made in china, and fits on 2 off 3, wrong ways.
6: the cam gear was not removed and installed wrong.
7: the crank pulley rubber bonding is not sheared.
8: im not sure if the dizzy gear can be indexed wrong, never attempted that. some cars the gear has and offset index roll pin, others are symmetrical and need to be mark index , installed. My fsm has no chapter on dizzy rebuilding, sadly.

im sure i missed a way to mess it up.

cheers and happy trails to all.
She seems to be driving fine now.
coooooooooolllllllll !

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