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94 tracker heater fix
I had an issue with this tracker that had sat for a very long time before i bought it. Mice nested in the heating system. I removed the blower motor and cleaned what I thought was the heater core which solved the problem of the air moving through the vents but the heat still wouldnt work. After some searching on the internet I found out that the heater core is under the dash.

My question is can i cut a hole in the side of the plastic cover and blow back through the floor vents while using my shop vac to get the junk off my heater core and then plug the hole? Or is there any way to clean it without dash removal.

I already flushed the core so I know its getting warm water to the core.

cutting the FIREWALL? wow.
why do that? it's a fire wall and part of a structural member crush zone to save occupants from injury in the event of a crash.
did you see that the heat lever moves first?
were the doors open, letting mice inside car? a key factor there.
there is no hot water valves here, the core runs hot all the time.
1: does the engine reach 180f (that is first, no heat here, means no heat to the core, see the 2 hoses going through the fire wall usa passenger side?
2: the the 3 cable,s the one that moves for hotter colder is the BINGO cable for heat. it opens the main damper on the core.

the core pull is here if the damper open and closes and engine is hot.
Mr. G's work.

the fsm was moved (factory service manual) moved to here.
1A15, 9J, 6B, 8C ,& 1B) Chapters covering all related issues. (if no air bags, ignore those pages.)

96 yr

[Image: 13.jpg]
heater tests? 11 steps


if the LEVER for fresh / recir damper is stuck in fresh air position you get 1/2 the heat if cold outside (a mix) so this damper 2 must work .
you never said you had AC or not, and gets in the way of all this work.
I'm late on this but if anyone is thinking about cutting to get to your
heater core I say MISTAKE! You just need to accept the fact that
all that stuff needs to be carefully removed in order to gain
access. I know it's a big job, but no shortcuts allowed. Otherwise,
you end up with a messed up car. Do the work.
yes, only the one cut, on plastic seen there, by the contributor.
below steering, but only saves a few steps
dash off , by Lord Galathon

photo really help, no? shows all the painful steps.
thanks for sharing , all !
As Newt (Carrie Henn) 9years old (cute) said in Aliens #2, "it's just a piece of plastic" I LMAO, Rolling on the floor, a smart kid. 1986 flash back (warning)
To can dolls dream.?

the car is old if not planning sell it and make $10 more? for virgin dash bottom. do it. Do what makes you happy, for sure not me.

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