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89 starting issue
(06-11-2013, 02:24 AM)hoffy30 Wrote: Timing belt off and starting over. Looking at the valves with cover off and cam dimple at 12:00 #4 exhaust is at the top of the lobe and #4 intake is at the heel. Crank is torqued and lined up at 12:00. #4 piston is at the top of its stroke. Based on this can I assume that the timing marks are correct before reinstalling the t-belt ? There is no way I could have installed the cam incorrectly is there ? Thanks

oh gosh, you didnt do compression with the throttle at zero did you?
i assumed you read this.
step 7

I would have lost a bet on my timing marks after checking and rechecking. Pulled cam gear and looked at the 2 possible orientations of the slot to key. Changed the orientation checked compression and had 140. Buttoned it back up and it fired right up Thanks for all the help. Will probablybe back as I fine tune the 89 and I just bought another 96. Great site.
ok that 89 has 91 cam gear, i bet the G16Zxxxx engine serial , Z = year is not 89 or the head was swapped .(the head, too, has secret codes)

!G16K = 90 16L is 90 , 16M to S for 95

great you can now burn fuel and good luck on your 96

your compression will go higher when motor is warm,

happy Kicking ! cheers

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