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Today arrived the throttle body unit    18117-K5T453 I bought to have some spareparts for my vitara 1989. Even if the gran vitara is the evolution of my throttle unit it has a different body and probably different flange connection too. I can save the PRESSURE REGULATOR, the FUEL INJECTOR, the THROTTLE OPENER (dashpot) , the TPS ,may be the throttle valve, so the price I could pay for this used spare is less than the fuel injector alone and decided to spend this to save for the future. In my throttle body, the isc regulating the throttle idle speed at 800rpm in usual temp and no other accessoryes inserted in the circuit is different than in this new unit but I was curious to see how was working. I measured with a tester but had open circuit on the solenoid plug. Than applyed 6v dc first and nothing , 12vdc and still nothing. I decided to open the solenoid vassel.
I removed the upper metal lip bending high so could make free the solenoid cover and extracting the solenoid. The upper cover has an allen screw factory regulated with yellow paint to seal the regulation point. The screw press a spring that press the magnetic shaft to close the air port with a membrane in between. The shaft was free to move by hand and the allen screw was previously moved by someone that tried to understand the nonworking solenoid. So I had the plastic sealed solenoid in my hands and decided to repair it. Usually this solenoid in automotive cracks the internal wire colse to the metal connector to the plug. I applyed a signaltracer to each terminal and inspected the coil of the solenoid with the signal receiver. The right connection was louder than the left so decided to start from the left. Took a dremmel tool and stardedremoving slowly the plastic around. First arrived to the solid metal of the connector , than slowly to the copper wire. I tin welded both and repeated the ohmmic test. BINGO ! have 13,5 ohm. I rebuilded the plastic previously removed with uv cured resin than reassembled the ISC unit. I tested before re sealing it and it is perfectly working. I tested at 6vdc but was not opening, than at 12vdc and is opening with 800mA current. blowed some ar in the air duct and had it flowing while applying voltage to the solenoid and stopped if voltage removed.
Hereafter the pics of the repair.
Have fun

[Image: 20191118-161820.jpg]

[Image: 20191118-155815.jpg][Image: 20191118-155750.jpg][Image: 20191118-155735.jpg][Image: 20191118-160703.jpg]


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