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195 degree stat or stock??
i got cold and the 180 wasn't doing it. I went to 195 and get a lot of heat now. all else is good.. just the extra 15 degrees makes this old guy happy.. but is there any bad result of a 195 that will happen??

maybe the motor will like hotter beter = more gas mileage ???CoolTongueUndecidedHeartAngry

i have good flow thru the heater core, doors all working and good airflow in all positions, just when the weather is cold it wouldn't get ME WARM with a ragtop full of airleeks haahah
its good, all new cars run like this.
it is ok.
1/2 mile more per gallon
make EGR work and more mpg.

stay warm !
Hello barnbiketom, I've been running 195F thermostat for a couple of years now without any issues (that seem related to the thermostat anyway)
1996 Geo Tracker, CAMI, 16 valve, 5sp, 4x4, soft top, 2 door, no a/c
me to since, 2005. it make the engine more efficient and radiator can cool better (Carnot laws)
the fact is suzuki sells it as an option, i have the p/n.
the only thing that alarms me, is the smell and stench of burning off of all the 22 years worth of crap everywhere, but after a few days it is dimininishing.

not that there are any leaks, but it just "SMELLED" hotter you know ??? all is good now!! thanks guys the Smurfmobile is good

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12-15deg hotter
but id bet the ECu now holds closed loop, and gets 28mpg.
and when that happens all that old crap on the engine burns off,
many old kicks , have not seen closed loop in 5years.
it's now burning all the fuel.
congrats !
thanks for the congrats!!!
yesterday i looked in front and saw coolant DRIPPING OOH NOOOOOOOOO

it was merely a loose upper hose clamp.
needless to say now they are ALL re-tightned.. cold weather brings out the worst huh
yes, let the system hit 12 to 14psi, and then look for leaks.. you car will be nice and warm this winter. cheers to you.
im 61 and will never be warm haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

but it is much much better... thanks !!SmileSmileSmile):
85F in texas ,yesterday... heheheheheheheh

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