The 8valve engine, parts.

A customer cut these parts up to see the guts. I love these !

the bypass hose to pump manifold.

just added new studs and sexy brass nuts (never to sieze again) Unlike the 16v these exhuast tubes dont crank.

how to sneak a peak at timing, TCD #4 firing. crank at TDC mark and this at 12pm (mark to mark)

crank TDC this is #1 and #4 firing , (both)

water pump off.

my cut away drawing of ISC, done 8 years ago...

91 to 95 TBI

91 to 95 TBI , only do the allen wrench adjustments if the ISC leaks air, key off. set it so the valve JUST barely closes and no more. tiny leaks are ok as the rubber seat this old is ROUGH. see next image of 89/90 ISC

the 89/90 ISC LOOKS LIKE THIS, NO WATER PIPES , and the hidden calibration screw, turn it till the valve stops leaking , keyoff, only if the valve leaks, like most do... this old.


crank cog, no crank sensors until 1996

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