Factory Air Conditioning – diagnosis and repair

How to diagnosis the 1991 to 98 Factory Air Conditioning. Sidekicks and Trackers. See relay facts & locations here and coil ohms checks and tests. First and foremost, check the ELECTRIC SIDE FIRST! ( see very basic Freon(tm) loop tests here) CHECK ALL RELATED FUSES!!! Make sure the A/C belt has not fallen off or the tension set … Read more

1.8 liter Suzuki Sidekick SPORT Secrets [J18]

The Suzuki SideKick Sport 1.8Liter J18 chain drive cam DOHC engine, There are no J18 GEO trackers. The 4 speed transmisson checks are a tad different than the G16. 1996 to 1998 coverage only. The J18 is not a free running engine, like the G16. The Suzuki books on this “Sport” car are very limited. (just a … Read more

[ALL] Servicing the front axle locking Hubs

My 1989-1998 Front 4wd Locking end axle Hubs dead or making odd noises. Starting in 1999 (up to 2005), we have an internal ring gear lock actuator and air pump, seen here. 89-98’contiued. My locking hub caps are stuck, or my locking hubs don’t lock or unlock. My 4wd Test page. My Hubs are clicking. … Read more

Jeep ASD relay magic or not? Automatic Shut Down relay

The JEEP ASD “Automatic Shut Down relay”. What is it, why is it there, how to does it work and why? My engine stalls (shuts down) at anytime, or even cranking, why? All comments are USA, not Export Jeeps. Real JEEPS! ONLY! (all EFI cars have this, but is executed in different ways) EFI means … Read more

Automatic transmission “slush pump” diagnosis

Some jargon first: ATF, automatic transmission fluid (Dexron(tm) III or higher. VI is Current. (I like to joke and call it a slush pump) The Sidekicks/ Geo tracker”Slush Pump”, the Automatic Transmission or Tranny ; A/T! The 3 or 4 speed A/T I am no Hydramatic trans’ expert rebuilder, I only diagnose, the drive line parts and then replace … Read more

What you need to make engine RUN, the basic schematics page

My Basic Schematics page, what you need to make engine RUN and some extras, for safe running! 1989-98′ 100% USA (North America centric drawings.) Other countries can be different! The Term Generation applies to USA Suzuki only. (other countries use different type motors and evolution rates) Fuses are first, I use a voltmeter, keyon, and 12vdc across … Read more

TPS testing and calibration, all Sidekicks and Trackers

The Throttle Position Sensor, or TPS testing (theory). TPS idle switch Calibration G16’s , J18/J20 engines. What is it, what does it do? (got symptoms?) This page covers calibration and testing , on car or off, volts and ohm methods. (all ways) The purpose of this page, is to save you $250 for a new sensor … Read more

How to time the distributor G16B (16V)? (DIZZY)

Suzuki Sidekicks & Geo Trackers, only 1992 to 1998. 16 valve or the Tracker VIN code “6” See the full distributor installation steps are here, if it was removed from the HEAD: If your motor is G16A, or 8 valves? Then, go back one page to find the 8v procedure. The page is long, because of … Read more